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Kim is a blogger, Etsy seller, and mom to both humans and doggies living in a tiny town in the south who loves music, tv, books, movies, food, travel, sweet tea and stormy weather.

Battle of the Bands and Music Monday Extravaganza for 06.01.2020

BUT FIRST, a couple of things: I worked on this post a while in advance, and certainly don't want to come across as insensitive to the pain no doubt most of us are feeling for George Floyd and his loved ones (and countless others I can't even begin listing here). We are in some really scary, difficult times, and I'll be honest here: I just don't have the words right now. I only have my feelings, which I am trying to process. I honestly don't even know if I'll write about it. It's one of those things where everything else seems trivial, but again...I just don't have the words right now.

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Battle of the Bands for 05.15.2020

Hello, fellow BotB-ers. I apologize, once again for my absence in the battles. I was having a really tough go of things before the pandemic hit, then the pandemic hit and it was all well and truly more than I could handle. I took a month off from work, thinking that would give me the time and incentive to both take care of myself AND be more productive. And it did, and I was, but unfortunately the blog fell by the wayside while I tackled my home and indulged in way too much tv. It was what I needed at the time. I'm still not 100%, or maybe not even 90%, but I'm getting there.

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Quarantine Chronicles, Chapter 1

I am so thankful to be able to take part in my employer's paid Coronavirus Vulnerable LOA (due to Asthma). I went in to work this morning to make sure that EVERYTHING was done on my end to facilitate this leave, so I wasn't there very long. I came home exhausted, and slept most of the day away. I knew I was worried and exhausted, but had no idea just how much.

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Just peeking in with a little update.

I am sorry if my absence and radio silence sparked some concern for me, especially as I was all set to show up here more often and with content other than music memes. But sadly, stress just shuts me completely down. The whole world went to hell in a handbasket pretty quick with the rapid spread of Covid-19. In truth, I was already dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety before that.

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My BotB is postponed till the 1st.

Again. Sorry. New schedule at work, still lagging from DST, and now CoViD19 has me jittery.

I haven’t spent more time at work, but it’s been exhausting due to the rising panic due to CoViD19. People out panic shopping, clearing grocery shelves of everything, people coughing and not even making any attempt to cover their mouths. I honestly haven’t been able to collect my thoughts for the past few days, so this one got away from me.

I will definitely be around to vote in all your battles starting tomorrow afternoon, though!

BotB for 03.01.20

I know I haven't been around much lately and I am going to do my level best to get in here and update a bit more about what's going on in my world - mostly because I want to lighten my load just a little bit - but I am trying to figure out a way to do so that keeps my negativity out of the universe, because I certainly don't want or need anymore of it. Needless to say, February has been a doozy. Doozy is a funny word, and that's actually not even what I'd like to call it, but I'll just leave it at that.

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Just a quick update

Sorry for bailing on BotB and 4M this week. Last Wednesday, something happened that I can’t really talk about at the moment. Between said event, trying to make sure Estate expenses are paid, and schedule changes and open enrollment at work, I am under the most stress I’ve been under in quite some time. None of it is even remotely close to being over, but I’ve been forcing myself to stay busy, return calls, mail necessary documents, and any and all manner of navigating wildly different yet equally nerve-wracking situations. This new normal is exhausting, but I’ll be around, and back to posting shortly.