Battle of the Bands and Music Monday Extravaganza for 06.01.2020

BUT FIRST, a couple of things:

  1. I worked on this post a while in advance, and certainly don’t want to come across as insensitive to the pain no doubt most of us are feeling for George Floyd and his loved ones (and countless others I can’t even begin listing here). We are in some really scary, difficult times, and I’ll be honest here: I just don’t have the words right now. I only have my feelings, which I am trying to process. I honestly don’t even know if I’ll write about it. It’s one of those things where everything else seems trivial, but again…I just don’t have the words right now.

  2. I am having technical difficulties with my own sites as well as reaching some of your sites. I’m currently using (apparently the latest version of, as there were no updates available when I checked) Safari. On my own webpages (as well as some others), I’ve been getting the dreaded “this connection is not private” notice. On my own end, I went to my host;s website thinking my ssl certificate had expired. There was a link provided to a certificate checker, and I got the connection not private page for that, so I couldn’t check. Again with the chat window when I tried to contact support. In desperation, I finally installed Firefox, where nothing was out of the ordinary. I contacted my host’s support via chat, and my certificates are current and secure. I cleared my cache in Safari and restarted my computer, and STILL got the connection notices. I finally just gave my computer permission to enter the website, but I’m thinking Firefox might be the way to go until I can upgrade my computer. Sorry if you have had any issues rendering the site – but I guess you won’t be reading this if you have.

With that bit out of the way…

I am really excited for Music Monday today, as it’s also Battle of the Bands AND Monday’s Music Moves Me!

Battle of the Bands is a twice-monthly blog hop hosted by Stephen T. McCarthy. On the 1st and 15th of each month, participating bloggers choose two covers of the same song and pit them against one another in a “battle”, and their readers choose the winner by listening to both versions and voting for their favorite in the comments. On the 7th and the 21st, the votes are tallied and a winner announced in a separate post.

The other day I had my music set to shuffle, and I KID YOU NOT these two covers of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain” played back to back. Both icons in the rock world and in their respective genres. How could I not make this my battle?

First up is a cover by David Bowie:

And now, here’s a version from Scorpions:

What’s it gonna be – glam rock, or hair metal? Let me know whose cover you liked best in the comments, and why you chose the version you did if you are so inclined.

Monday’s Music Moves Me has no theme this week, so my song choice is…

Cage The Elephant – “Trouble”

Be sure to head to Curious As A Cathy or X-Mas Dolly to see what other participants are listening to this week.

How about YOU? What are YOU listening to this week?

Featured Image courtesy ComFreak on Pixabay


  1. Kim,

    I’m going with SCORPIONS in this BoTB. Loss of life is tragic and senseless. Change is only going to come when love melts the barriers found in one’s heart. Let’s continue to pray fro that kind of change and never react with violence because nothing good comes from it, except destruction and heartache. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week! 😉

    • Kim says:

      I’m of the same mind – violence isn’t going to solve anything, but I can certainly see how it got this way. In my opinion, the protests need to continue, but the rioting and looting needs to stop. I do understand that an entirely different group are responsible for the violence, vandalism, and theft, though.

      I got your vote – we’re now at a tie!

      David Bowie – 1
      Scorpions – 1

      • Kim,

        Peaceful protesting yields better results than violence any day. Even George Floyd is calling for the violence to end, that this isn’t who George was. The destruction and chaos is perpetrated by those who aren’t looking to call attention to racism but to wreck our country. It’s truly a sad, sad mess. Have a blessed day, my friend!

          • Kim says:

            I feel you! I’m just now getting up and still haven’t shaken the cobwebs from my mind fully. I knew what you meant, though. And I agree wholeheartedly. The violence is only serving to fan the flames of racism. But their peaceful protesting didn’t really get them anywhere, either. I think the best thing that can happen from George Floyd’s death would be if they made genuine examples of these cops. I know they’ve been arrested and are charged with murder in the 3rd, but there needs to be all kinds of brutality charges as well, and they need to be enforced. Most people (cops included) aren’t bad, and the black community needs to see examples made of the white people (or I guess any other race of people, but in the context of this and many other situations, it’s a white/black thing) who murder/injure/assault them. They need to know that the law won’t abide such. That the law is on their side, and that the white community is on their side.

            I don’t have the answers, but we sure need some.

  2. Birgit says:

    I thought for sure I would go with Bowie as I love him but something made me really enjoy the crispness of the Scorpions so they get my vote. The death of that African American is horrific and something needs to be done about this but the way Martin Luther King did..non violent protests. The youth who have been looting and damaging whatever is in their wake is senseless and does not help their position. I feel they were just looking for an excuse. I would protest if I lived in the area where this is going on. For Covid, one needs to take the common sense approach and that is to be safe but if the news gets to you, turn it off! Watch something you enjoy or read a good book. I do that:)

    • Kim says:

      I agree – the senseless violence, vandalism, looting – it’s got to stop. It’s calling away from peace and progress. Unfortunately, most of this is done by instigators and it blows back on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And also unfortunately, peaceful protest hasn’t really worked for the black community. But it’s still what BLM is doing. I have indulged in SO MUCH TELEVISION here lately! I also have books to read, but can’t quite keep my attention on them.

      I got your vote for the Scorpions!

      David Bowie – 2
      Scorpions – 2

  3. XmasDolly says:

    Whoa, I’ve never been a real big fan of David Bowie, but there’s a few that I really love too! So this one kinda makes him look feminine. Was he………. nah!!!!!!!!!!! Great pickins’ here girlfriend! YOU’VE ROCKED THE HOUSE! hugs

  4. Mary B says:

    Cage The Elephant – Be still my tiny little heart! Such a great group that I have recently come to enjoy. Thanks for sharing them!

    As for the battle, I think I’m going to vote for The Scorpions. I really enjoyed what they did with the song.

    • Kim says:

      Cage The Elephant are one of my favorite “new” bands – even though I absolutely despise the one song they’re known for, “No Rest For The Wicked”. Everyone loves it, but I actually love all their other stuff. You should also check out Dirty Honey sometime. I think you might like them!

      I got your vote! The standings thus far:

      David Bowie – 2
      Scorpions – 3

    • Kim says:

      Yay! Cage The Elephant is a younger band, but they have a much older soul. I can see how they’d appeal to a lot of people. I got your vote!

      David Bowie – 2
      Scorpions – 4

    • Kim says:

      That outfit was something else! I think I need to start adding the caveat to not watch the video, but rather just listen to it, to my posts. But I never thought about that, because I always only listen to the video. I have so little computer time these days that I’m trying to be productive and multitask while I’m on here! I got your vote for Ziggy…

      David Bowie – 3
      Scorpions – 4

  5. KIM ~

    I know this sounds a bit “phunny” but… I literally had to scroll down while listening to David Bowie so that I COULDN’T actually SEE him performing the song. Really, I can’t even stand watching him. I just feel dirty and frilly and pinky and… I think I should burn my “Man Card”, steal my sister’s wardrobe and move to France.

    Oh, hokey-smoke! I NEED to watch a John Wayne movie – PRONTO!!


    I’m really not a “Metal” fan (a little UFO, Thin Lizzy & Blue Oyster Cult is about my limit), but THE SCORPIONS didn’t go very “heavy” on the “Metal”, and I felt their tempo and tone fit the song better and… that’s the best that I can “EXPLAIN” myself, so… I’ll vote for them.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    • Kim says:

      Stephen, I didn’t even watch the clip. I have seen it before, and I know the outfit was something else. I didn’t mind it; but I’m sort of used to androgyny from some other bands I liked, so by the time I saw this vid, I was already used to it. Bowie was like Madonna (or rather, Madonna was like Bowie) in that he was always reinventing himself.

      When I hit my teenage years, metal was just about the only thing I listened to. And then again for a period in the mid-aughts, metal was again mostly what I listened to. My musical preferences do that from time to time.

      So, let me get your vote counted…

      David Bowie – 3
      Scorpions – 6

  6. “Trouble” is new to me. It was strangely haunting. I think it is a song that would grow on me with time – it grew on me even as I heard it now, for the first time. For the battle – I think the Scorpions just barely edged out David Bowie for me.

    • Kim says:

      I think a lot of Cage The Elephant’s music is that way – strangely haunting. They have a hint of that old psychedelic vibe that I enjoy so much in that weird music from the late 60s.

      I got your vote!

      David Bowie – 3
      Scorpions – 7

  7. Cherdo says:

    Hey, Kim! Nice work on this battle, girl!

    All good versions and I thought about throwing my vote towards the Scorpions, but in the end, it’s got to be BOWIE. So, glam me up!


    • Kim says:

      Thank you! I was hoping to make this a close battle. I’m gonna glam you up! Got your vote for Bowie.

      David Bowie – 4
      Scorpions – 7

  8. My browsers of choice are Firefox, Chrome, or The Nag recently introduced me to Brave – so I utilize all three of those as I juggle multiple browsers and tabs for my job. 😉

    Great song choices! And you can throw my vote Bowie’s way if it’s not too late. 😉

    • Kim says:

      I already tabulated the votes, but thanks for voting anyway! Scorpions still won, but it closed the gap just a smidge! What kind of computer do you use? I have used Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Netscape (waaaay back in the day), but never with my Macbook. I tried to only use Safari on the Macbook because I’m not sure how to keep the other browsers secure. I’ll have to check out Brave. I’ve never heard of it!