Battle of the Bands for 01.15.2020

Hello, blog friends and BotB-ers! Some of you from the battles may remember me, and some may not – I most notably post covers every now and then that literally NO ONE likes. Seriously. Ask anyone. I’ve been absent from the Battles for a few years, but it’s a new year, a new decade, and I am back and ready to rumble again! And I am apologizing in advance in the event that I submit anything that’s been done during my sabbatical.

Battle of the Bands is a once and/or twice-monthly “battle” of two versions of the same song. There are no hard and fast rules on this, but I usually choose two covers instead of pitting a cover against the original. You choose your favorite among the two, and cast your vote in the comments. And this is totally not necessary, but feel free to tell me why you chose the version you chose if you like. That’s it! I’ll come back in a week to tally the votes and announce a winner! I generally don’t vote on my own posts, but I may bend the rules a bit in the event of a tie.

For my first battle back, I am choosing two of my favorite covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising”. We’ve been having some pretty fearsome, early-spring-like weather here in the south lately, and we also just had a Wolf Moon.

The first one is by one of my favorite bands, The Killers, who have done a great job of covering the song and putting their own spin on it while not straying too far from the original. I’ve seen them perform several covers live (not this one, though), and they are amazing at this. I have a few other covers by them up my sleeve for future battles, so stay tuned!

The second is a bluegrass-y cover by the legendary Ann Wilson of Heart, featuring country singer Gretchen Wilson. A very, very fun and different version, for sure.

I will be making my battle rounds starting Thursday. Wednesdays are my doubles at work, and I rarely have time to do much visiting on Wednesdays, but we’ll see. But Thursday for sure.

Be sure to cast your vote and check back next week to see if your favorite won!

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  1. Debbie D. says:

    Hi Kim! Welcome back to BOTB. 🙂 You sure picked a great song for your initial battle. I’m a huge CCR fan. Both contestants did a good job, but I liked the different twist in the second version and the fun piano chords. Plus, Ann Wilson is one of my favourite vocalists, so she and Gretchen get the vote, here.

    When you have time, I have a bluesy battle going between two legendary singers:

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for the welcome back! I got your vote for Ann & Gretchen. I love how unexpected it is, both as a cover, and as something from Ann Wilson. There isn’t anything she can’t sing!

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Welcome back! I’m a long time CCR fan. While I did enjoy the bluegrass style version by the ladies, I gotta give my vote to The Killers. They sound pretty like the original version, but maybe that’s why I like it. Yeah, that’s it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for the welcome back, and I got your vote for The Killers. I feel that way, too. Sometimes I prefer a cover because it stays pretty true to the original. Other times, I LOVE it when a band completely reworks it and makes it unrecognizable from the original.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for the welcome back, Cathy! I am so, so happy to be back at it, and looking forward to getting to know everyone again! I got your vote for The Killers – their second!

  3. diedre says:

    Hi Kim,

    As a forever fan of CCR, I can honestly say the only female who pull off a decent impersonation is me – in the shower 😉 A vote for the worthy Killers, please.

    • Kim says:

      Hi! Thanks for stopping by to vote! I got your vote for The Killers; their third one! I think they’re very worthy as well….I’ve never heard a bad cover by them!

  4. Stephen T. McCarthy says:

    So glad to see you back with us again, KIM.

    Good song choice for jumping back into BOTB. I was a big fan of CCR back in the day. I eventually kind of burned out on them a bit, but I still enjoy hearing their songs every so often. (It was actually my Ma who introduced me to CCR when I was very young, because she owned the ‘Cosmo’s Factory’ LP. What a cool Mom I had!)

    My vote is a slam-dunk for The Non-Sister Wilsons. I really liked how they Country-fied the song and truly made it their own.

    The Killers, by comparison, didn’t really do anything different with the song, but just played a true-to-the-original copy of it. In fact, that’s my complaint about every song I’ve ever heard by The Killers (which admittedly isn’t very many songs): No offense meant, but to my ears, they always sound like some generic Rock band that one could find playing in countless bars across the country on any Friday or Saturday night. I think they should have named themselves “The Barcodes” or “The Universal Product Codes”.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    • Kim says:

      Thanks so much for the welcome back, and for the vote for Ann & Gretchen! I think they did an incredible twist on this musically – it’s not a musical style in which I would have expected this song to be covered, and also not a musical style I would have expected of Ann Wilson.

      See, when you hear The Killers, you hear nothing special, but when I hear them? I hear magic! I love their covers, but then I love their sound so much that just having their sound while sticking to the arrangement of the original really makes me happy. To each their own! But yeah, that version by the Non-sister Wilsons is really incredible.

      Got your vote, and the Wilsons’ second!

  5. John Holton says:

    I don’t think I remember when you were a part of BotB before (nothing personal; I don’t remember a lot of things), but it’s nice to have you back!

    Anyway, on to this. Both aregood covers, but Ann Wilson’s has an element of fun that the other didn’t, so she gets my vote.

    • Kim says:

      No worries! Thank you for the welcome back! I think I only did about six months’ worth of battles five years ago. Seems like it was a lot more, and a lot later, but I have been gone for years now.

      I got your vote for the Wilsons, and their third. Right now it’s a TIE! I hope, and yet hope I DON’T, have to come in as a tie-breaker!

  6. Sixgun McItchyfinger says:

    I am glad I stopped by here to check out your post and welcome you back.

    Both these versions are excellent, but this is a slam-dunk, no-doubt, “are you freaking kidding me?” 100% positive vote for The Killers.

    I have been trying to get that tone deaf McCarthy to appreciate them for years, but all he does is bad mouth them. He just doesn’t get it.

    I, on the other hand, DO. I have seen The Killers on all of their tours, and last year I saw them locally and then flew to San Diego to see them again. They are magic. So what if they sound somewhat close to original song on this? They don’t screw up songs like a lot of bands that try so hard to show how THEY do it and ruin them. They are honoring bands they love by singing great songs. Countless song covers like Dire Strait’s “Romeo and Juliet,” The Waterboys “The Whole of the Moon,” and Kenny Roger’s “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town.” They just do them straight and don’t screw them up.

    The country take by the Wilsons was excellent, but The Killers killed it as always. Thanks for posting.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for stopping by to vote, and thanks for your welcome back! I got your vote for The Killers, and, having seen them live myself, I agree – they are magic. Maybe we can bring McCarthy around eventually? I doubt it, but there are plenty more covers by The Killers to work with!

  7. Mary B says:

    Welcome back! I’m sneaking a visit in before I have to leave for my daily appointment, but I definitely wanted to stop by and say Welcome Back!

    CCR always reminds me of my oldest brother. It was his style of music that he preferred. As for the battle, I am casting my vote for Ann & Gretchen. I love how they made the song their own.

    • Kim says:

      I’m sending good thoughts your way and praying for you. You got this, Mary!

      Thank you for the welcome back, and for stopping by to vote! I got your vote for Ann & Gretchen! They did do a great job making the song their own, didn’t they?

    • Kim says:

      Looks like it worked, Cathy! Yay! I know some wordpress sites try to force me to use my account instead of my actual url. It’s annoying, but I don’t know how to fix it. I finally gave up and just started hyperlinking my site. Was it something like that?