Battle of the Bands for 07.01.2020

How is July already here? I can’t believe half the year is gone. True, it’s been a challenging year. And it seems like both a decade and no time at all have passed. Still, here we are, and as is customary around here on the first, it is time for another Battle of the Bands!

What is a Battle of the Bands, you ask? It s a twice-monthly blog hop hosted by Stephen T. McCarthy. On the 1st and 15th of each month, participating bloggers choose two covers of the same song and pit them against one another in a “battle”, and their readers choose the winner by listening to both versions and voting for their favorite in the comments. Some bloggers only participate on either the 1st or the 15th. I participate both times, most of the time. On the 7th and the 21st, the votes are tallied and a winner announced in a separate post.

In an effort to get my battles tighter, this go-round I am offering up THREE versions of a famous song (something I usually don’t do), and I am confident that I have something for everyone. I just need you to listen to each song (or enough of each to determine how you feel about the song), try not to be influenced by the video, and choose your favorite. Vote for it in the comments, and if you are so inclined be sure to let me know why you chose the version you chose.

This Battle song is Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Long As I Can See The Light”

The first cover is done by the late – and TERRIBLY MISSED! – Chris Cornell. Not gonna lie; it gives me chills. Chris is known for his two powerhouse bands, Soundgarden, who helped usher in a new genre of music in 90s grunge, and Audioslave, an alt rock supergroup. But you won’t be getting any of that in this acoustic performance, just his amazing voice. And it’s still glorious.

The next version was recorded by Mississippi soul/blues singer-songwriter Ted Hawkins. It is also beautiful in a quiet, simple, and heartbreaking way. Ted Hawkins should have been way more famous than he was.

And last up is a more upbeat cover by a new-ish (formed in 2009) band known for it’s bluesy, hard rock sound, Rival Sons. This version is strikingly different from the other two, but I feel like it holds its own even with its completely different vibe.

Which will it be? Chris’s acoustic guitar and raw vocals? Ted’s quietly commanding blues version? Or Rival Sons’ fresh, yet equally powerful effort?

I’ll be back on the 7th or 8th to tally the votes and announce the winner in a separate post. In the meantime, be sure to head to Stephen’s to see who the other participants have put in their own battles. And if you’re a blogger? You should consider joining our little musical Fight Club!


  1. Stephen T. McCarthy says:

    Good Battle, KIM.

    Looking over the artists before playing any of the videos, I figured I would probably be voting for Ted Hawkins, because I have always liked his song [Link> ‘GROOVY LITTLE THINGS’ from the album ‘Spirit Of Venice, California’, which I bought in Venice, California, in 1992.

    But, no, actually, my BOTB bote goes to RIVAL SONS, because I prefer the greater oomph of their “Buhtuhm-Bump-Bump! Buhtuhm-Bump-Bump! Buhtuhm-Bump-Bump!” rhythm. (D’ya dig the Mozart-like way that I write music? 😉

    ~ D-FensDogG

    • Kim says:

      It does have a more uplifting rhythm than the other contenders and even the original, doesn’t it? I just love it, and it’s so unique to the other versions I’ve heard of this song. I’m not very familiar with Ted Hawkins, but I’m not surprised that you are (your music knowledge is a lot broader than mine!), but I will check out that link. It’s neat that you bought the record IN Venice!

      Thanks for voting! I got one for Rival Sons.

      Chris Cornell – 0
      Ted Hawkins – 0
      Rival Sons – 1

    • Kim says:

      It is definitely more musical than the others, and doesn’t sound as sad.

      Chris Cornell – 0
      Ted Hawkins – 0
      Rival Sons – 2

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I almost missed this one since it got covered up by the post that followed. Thanks to Stephen for pointing out that you didn’t have many votes. Better late than never, I am here at the last minute.

    I wasn’t overly enthralled with the first two performances–okay, but no cigars for either. My vote has to go to Rival Sons. I really liked their take which was more in the spirit of CCR and it had more spirit than the other versions.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Kim says:

      I hear you. I am way, way behind on getting my results posted, so I will definitely add your vote for the Rival Sons! Sorry it got covered up by another post. I didn’t realize Stephen had to call attention to it! But I’m not sure how to keep it from getting buried again in the future.

      Chris Cornell – 0
      Ted Hawkins – 0
      Rival Sons – 4

  3. Sixgun McItchyfinger says:

    This was a very nice battle on a good song that I had forgotten about! I was surprised that I liked the Hawkins version the least by far. So it was a close contest to my ears between Chris Cornell and Rival Sons (whom I’d never heard before.)

    In the end, Chris edged out the Sons. His raw voice did it for me!

    • Kim says:

      I love all of these versions so much. If not for your vote for Chris, this would have been a double shutout, and I’m not sure that’s ever been done in the Battles before. I will get the score card updated!

      Chris Cornell – 1
      Ted Hawkins – 0
      Rival Sons – 4

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