Battle of the Bands for 07.15.2020

Since this nearly got away from me, I’m going to just jump right into my battle without any sort of update or anything.

Battle of the Bands is a twice-monthly blog hop hosted by Stephen T. McCarthy. On the 1st and 15th of each month, participating bloggers choose two covers of the same song and pit them against one another in a “battle”, and their readers choose the winner by listening to both versions and voting for their favorite in the comments. Some bloggers only participate on either the 1st or the 15th. I participate both times, most of the time. On the 7th and the 21st, the votes are tallied and a winner announced in a separate post.

I thought my last battle was going to be pretty close, but it wasn’t. Not even a little bit. Let’s see how my picks this time go!

The song for this battle is The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

The first contender is KT Tunstall. This plays at the end of You Should Have Left, and I was floored by how amazing it is!

In this equally fantastic rendition, Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra feature vocals by Kylie Minogue.

Well…who’s it going to be? I think both ladies (and Jools & orchestra) put truly unique spins on this song, and were pretty different from one another.

Be sure to vote in the comments and come back on the 21st to see how your favorite version fared.

Head over to Stephen’s to see who the other participants are featuring in their battles!


  1. Stephen T. McCarthy says:

    KIM ~

    I was never really a big Clash fan, but I DID like their hits ‘Rock The Casbah’ and ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go?’

    Hokey-Smoke! I definitely preferred the second rendition by Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. They had me right from the start with that honky-tonk piano. Truthfully, I didn’t really care for Kylie’s “cute” singing. But the band overpowered her vocals to such an extent that they seemed almost irrelevant to me.

    Very unique battle. I appreciated how different both versions sounded from the original. The groups definitely put their own spin on these covers, and I like that!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I was never much of a Clash fan though in recent years I’ve come to more appreciate their contributions to rock music. Still I won’t be buying any of their albums.

    This is an easy match-up for me. Kylie struck me as a bit campy or hokey. Definitely my pick is KT Tunstall.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. Cherdo says:

    Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra featuring Kylie Minogue!! I’ve heard this one but couldn’t have identified the artists.

    Definitely a cool battle! Sorry if I’ve missed you here and there — I’ll try to do better! Bless you!