BotB for 02.01.20 and a brief update

January is finally over.

Whew, what a long month. I mean, I’d seen all the memes and everyone talking about how long January was, but it seemed to be going by pretty fast for me. Then about the middle of the month, it all slowed down. Way, way down. It didn’t help that I was sick for literally the first three weeks of the month. We also seemed to get all four seasons during this time as well. But now, it is February at last! One more month closer to spring and warm weather. One month closer to wrapping up estate business. And there’s so many awesome concerts coming up this month! I am going to do my best to catch a few. I’m also adding a concert calendar sidebar to the blog, because this is the year for it!

Now that I’m feeling better, I hope to do more thrifting, housecleaning, and get back on track with blogging. Stop me if you’ve heard that one before…

Now, let’s get down to the Battle of the Bands for February 1, 2020.

What is battle of the bands? Every month on the 1st and 15th, Setphen T. McCarthy hosts a Battle of the Bands at his place. Participants post two YouTube videos of the same song, and ask their readers to listen to each version, then vote for their favorite of the two via comment. A week later, the votes are tallied, and a follow-up post announcing the winner is made. Easy peasy, and so much fun!

There is no hard and fast rule to the battles, but for MY battles, I prefer to use covers of songs rather than the original against a cover. Sometimes I shake things up by doing things a little differently, but for the most part mine will always be covers.

I’m starting off my battles this month with two covers of Rod Stewart’s “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

The first is by Vanilla Fudge, who, according to Wikipedia, “s an American rock band known predominantly for their slow extended heavy rock arrangements of contemporary hit songs, most notably “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”.”

The next is by industrial band Revolting Cocks, who at the time of this recording, was one of Ministry’s Al Jourgensen’s side projects. Oh, and I plan to see Ministry this summer. I am so excited, because I have never had the opportunity to see them before.

These are both definitely unique and fun. Be sure to give each a listen, or enough of a listen to get a feel for the song, and vote for your favorite (or least disliked, if that’s the case) in the comments! And if you are so inclined, you can tell me why you voted the way you did. I’ll be back on the 8th to announce the winner!


  1. Arlee Bird says:

    I’ve always kind of liked this song and thought it would be served well with some unique covers. The Revolting Cocks do an interesting cover though not my stylistic preference. I used to enjoy the old Vanilla Fudge records, but I had no idea they’d been around much past 1970. Their version is much more reasonable to my ears.

    A vote for Vanilla Fudge.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Kim says:

      I got your vote for Vanilla Fudge! I always thought they were a ’60s-late ’60s band myself, and I am not sure how long past the decade Vanilla Fudge was active. I love what they did with the song!

  2. Stephen T. McCarthy says:

    Dang! I’m so old that I remember when Vanilla Fudge was a real Blues-Rock band in the late ’60s or dawn of the ’70s. (Hey! That could be a good title for a satirical movie about the ’70s and ’80s. ‘Dawn Of The Seventies’ – it’s about this chick named Dawn who refuses to let the Seventies go when when the Techno-Pop of the Eighties takes over.)

    Anyway, I didn’t know that Vanilla Fudge was now a covers band. What the–?!

    Anyway, anyway, I hated this song when it came out. I hate this song still. And, NO, I do not think Rod Stewart is sexy! I wouldn’t even think Rod Stewart was sexy if I were a very horny, heterosexual female!!

    BUT!… I will say that the way Vanilla Fudge started this novelty song out with that very serious cathedral organ music greatly amused me! My vote goes to PALE FUDGE, primarily as a reward for the chuckle.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    • Kim says:

      Got your vote for Vanilla Fudge – their second! I didn’t know they were now a covers band, either. I wasn’t familiar with them back in the day, but I always loved the name! And no, Rod Stewart definitely isn’t sexy, though I think he aged pretty well for a ’70s rocker. I like your movie idea!

  3. John Holton says:

    I saw “Vanilla Fudge” and said, “is that the band from the ’60’s? No, it can’t be…” Then I listened, and yes it was. They did a better cover of this song than The Revolting Cocks, so make that a third vote for the Fudgesters…

    • Kim says:

      I got your vote for Vanilla Fudge – their fourth! I remember my Mom being a fan of Rod’s back in the day, and I always thought he was funny, too. I do think he’s aged pretty well for a ’70s rock star, though. I have to admit I did like early ’80s Rod Stewart, though.

      That video is hilarious! I love Theory of a Deadman, but had never seen this video. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sixgun McItchyfinger says:

    I always hated this song. I really loved Rod Stewart in the early blues rock days: the Faces days and the Jeff Beck days. By the time he did this song he had gone ’round the bend, jumped the piranhas, and crossed a bridge too far. My ex-wife like the song though, and apparently some womens taut he was sexy.

    I think you should put together a battle aimed at making us type the WORST possible vulgar band names. Like pitting The Revolting Cocks against, say, The Circle Jerks. I’m embarrassed just typing either name there.

    I’m going to vote for Vanilla Fudge because 1) it is better, 2) the opening organ bit, and 3) Carmine Appice is an excellent drummer. Singer, not so much.

    • Kim says:

      I got your vote for Vanilla Fudge! Their fifth! I agree with Carmine as drummer, but I am more familiar with his work with King Kobra and Blue Murder than Vanilla Fudge. I grew up in the ’80s, so I liked early ’80s Rod Stewart (especially Baby Jane).

      And hey….I will probably take you up on your battle idea! Though I’m not sure how well it will go over. But then again, not going over well is kind of something I’m known for in the “battle” realm, so maybe. I’ll be sure to give you the proper credit when I do!

    • Kim says:

      Cathy, got your vote for Vanilla Fudge – their sixth! I get it, though. They did a great and unique cover of a really silly song. I got off to a late start thanks to a video of mine not showing up, but I am back with the 4M crew this week, too! I’ll be around to visit everyone over the next few days and see what everyone chose for their love songs!

  5. Cherdo says:

    Welcome back, Kim! Nice round to kick off your return.

    I’m with Cathy Kennedy (she’s just above me, so I can’t help but notice) in giving my vote to VANILLA FUDGE.

    Rough Januarys? There’s plenty to go around for everyone, my friend. Hope yours are a thing of the past. <3

    • Kim says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words – I know this month, and last year, have been particularly tough for a lot of people. I just hope this year is better to us! Or at least good to us.

      I got your vote for Vamilla Fudge (#7 for them!). Thanks so much for stopping by and voting!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for breaking up the shutout! This battle obviously didn’t go as well as my previous one, but that’s how I do things! I got your vote for RevCo.

  6. Birgit says:

    I never liked this song and never found Rod sexy…ewwww. Now I could not stand listening to your second version whereas Vanilla Fidge gave a nice take on this song and I especially liked the opening to it so they get my vote