BotB for 03.01.20

I know I haven’t been around much lately and I am going to do my level best to get in here and update a bit more about what’s going on in my world – mostly because I want to lighten my load just a little bit – but I am trying to figure out a way to do so that keeps my negativity out of the universe, because I certainly don’t want or need anymore of it. Needless to say, February has been a doozy. Doozy is a funny word, and that’s actually not even what I’d like to call it, but I’ll just leave it at that.

I sure do appreciate the kind comments and words of wisdom left on my previous post, and will also do my best to reply to them.

Can you even believe it’s March already? How did we get here this fast, especially after our year-long January?

The first of the month means it’s time for Battle of the Bands! On the first (and sometimes the 15th) of each month, I will present two cover versions of the same song for your consideration and ask that you listen to each version, decide which you like best, and vote for it in the comments. I will count the votes and add my own in the event of a tie, and announce the winner in a separate post. Stephen hosts these battles each month, and while there are no really hard and fast rules, there is a more in-depth description at the link provided.

So far, I am 1 and 1 with my battles (one battle was close, the other was almost a shutout) since coming back. I’m hoping for another close battle with this one, as I’ve picked a song that (probably) more people like, covered by artists that I feel are more closely matched artistically.

The song is “folsom Prison Blues”, originally done by Johnny Cash.

First up is this version by wildly popular country artist and top of my bucket list of musicians to see live, Chris Stapleton:

The second is by Alt/Americana artist Brandi Carlile:

Which version do you like best? Be sure to cast a vote in the comments to let me know, and head over to Stephen’s (link above) to see who everyone else threw together in their battles!


  1. Stephen T. McCarthy says:

    Howdy, KIM ~

    First of all, I wanna say thanks for not using Johnny Cash in this Battle. After all these years of BOTB, I’ve almost worn myself out voting against that dude. The only way I can even imagine myself ever “boting” for Cash is if someone used him in a Battle against U2.

    So, the subject at hand…

    My BOTB bote goes to CHRIS STAPLETON. For one thing, I dug his rhythm, and for another, I dug his guitar tone, which reminded me of the tone Waylon Jennings often got in many of his songs. (IMO, it is Wayon who should have gotten the level of fame and adulation that his friend Johnny Cash somehow wound up with instead.)

    Also, I just think this song works much better with a male vocalist than a female singer. Despite having a pretty good imagination (methinks), I have a hard time mentally picturing Brandi Carlile shooting a man in Reno and living in Folsom Prison.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    • Kim says:

      Wow, I never knew you weren’t a Johnny Cash fan! I love the Man In Black myself, but I’m sure I dislike a lot of artists who are popular as well. I got your vote for Chris. I never thought about it from the perspective of having trouble believing Brandi would shoot a man just to watch him die. I think Miranda Lambert might, though!

  2. John Holton says:

    Stephen’s going to start to think that I’m running around after him cancelling his vote, but I just gotta give this one to Brandi Carlile. She really puts a lot of “oomph” into it. I’m a little disappointed that the cello guy didn’t get a solo, but we can’t have everything, can we?

    • Kim says:

      LOL, she does put a bit of oomph into it, doesn’t she? I think both renditions are pretty solid, and I got your vote for Brandi.

      Can you imagine if the Cello player got a solo? I think it would have been pretty rad, but like you said, we can’t have everything.

  3. Mary B says:

    tough one. I didn’t care for what Chris Stapleton did to the song, and I agree with Stephen that this song isn’t really suited for a female voice. But after deliberation, I think I’m going to give that vote to Brandi Carlile after all.

    Keep your chin up. things could be a lot worse. Just look at my situation.

    • Kim says:

      You are so right. Things can always be a lot worse. I just can’t deal with everything going wrong all at once, and before I can get my bearings again, more stuff gets dumped onto me. I may be struggling mentally and emotionally, but I thankfully do still have my physical health at the moment.

      I haven’t been by anyone’s blogs lately, but I hope you are continuing to improve!

      And I got your vote for Brandi 🙂

  4. Sixgun McItchyfinger says:

    Yeah… this doesn’t work for me with a woman singing it. On the other hand, I like Chris Stapleton, and he does a good job on it. I don’t mind Johnny Cash like some other readers, but I am glad you didn’t use him here. He’d have won this handily. But I vote for Chris this time.

    • Kim says:

      I always try not to use the original, or best known/most popular recordings in my battles, though I have made an exception, and will no doubt make more as the need arises. I do think he would have won this battle if he was in it, though.

      I got your vote for Chris!

  5. Cherdo says:

    Hey, girl, just roll with the karma…seasons change, things get better.

    But hey! I dig the CHRIS STAPLETON version in this battle. It just seems like it needs a male voice.

    Sexist! Sexist! What’s wrong with me!

    Tee hee.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words. I have no choice but to roll with it, but sometimes I just can’t do that gracefully because I am navigating uncharted (for me) waters, without any guidance. I’ll probably blog about it soon, but I’m not in the state of emotional upheaval and stress I was under at the time of my last post.

      I got your vote for Chris! I don’t think it’s sexist to prefer a male voice over a female one when it comes to music. I don’t like a lot of female rockers (or country artists, either), but the ones I do like I really, really like. But yeah, not everything is best suited to a male or female voice.

  6. Kim,

    Well…I hope your song choice isn’t an indicator of just how bad February was for you. lol I think we all have bad patches, some months just drop a truck load of cow manure on our shoulders and it feels like ya have a whole of digging to get out of it. Let’s hope the new month is a better one. Hey, spring is coming!

    I’m giving my vote to CHRIS STAPLETON, too. Generally, I prefer male vocals to female every time but this song definitely isn’t suiting for Brandi. Her voice lacked the grit and personality needed to carry it off. Chris on the other hand has both factors on his side making him the clear choice for me to go with in this round.

    When time permits, don’t stress it, do it when ya can, darlin’, join me in my Mad World BoTB Showdown. Have a good week!

    • Kim says:

      My February indeed had me feeling murdery, but luckily I didn’t shoot a man, and certainly not just to watch him die. It’s more like just so much has been going on, and I’m very ill-equipped to process it and handle it all. Once my emotions and mental state get out of whack to a certain point, I just have to ride it out, which I have been doing. But I can’t always continue to function well while I do that.

      I got your vote for Chris!

    • Kim says:

      Haha, he does! I got your vote for Chris. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come vote in your battle, so I will hit it next time before I start my own rounds.

  7. Kim,

    When I left a comment the other day I forgot to try my WP credentials and was already signed in with my Twitter info because I had just left a comment on Marie’s blog. I can’t use my WP sign-in info on her blog for the past three or four months. It’s just crazy! Anywho, as long as I can drop a message to you then don’t worry about it. I decided to pop over this morning to test the waters again to see if I can use WP to leave a comment. cross your fingers

    • Kim says:

      Oh, okay. I was worried my blog was still being wonky – I have to sign in on some sites with my credentials instead of my site url, and I just try to remember to hyperlink to my site on my comment because my does not bring up my blog. Thanks for clarifying!

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