BotB Winner for 03.01.20

Sorry for the short, sweet, day-late post announcing the winner from my March 1st battle, but there’s still a lot of unexpected and time-consuming stuff going on here that I won’t bore you with (until the post I make about it, if I get around to making one), but we do have a winner! This one wasn’t as close as I figured it would be, though…

The results were CHRIS STAPLETON with 5 votes to Brandi Carlile’s 2. The majority (but not all!) of you just didn’t think the song was as well-suited for a female vocalist as a male vocalist, and I get it. If this were someone else’s battle, Chris would have gotten my vote as well. I do love Brandi’s version, and agree that she gives the song some oomph. I don’t even see it as necessarily better suited to a man’s voice, I just prefer the overall sound of Chris’s version. I do have to give Brandi props, though. I think she held her own, vocally, and I do love the yodeling in her version.

See you guys on the next go-round! If life doesn’t hit me with more curve balls, I plan to be back on the 15th with another battle, and I may even try after work tomorrow to get a late Music Monday/Tunes for Tuesday post up.