BotB winner for 05.15.2020

Folks, I was beginning to think my latest battle (between cover versions of The Cure’s “Love Song” by 311 and Corey Taylor) was going to be a shutout. 311 took the lead early on, but Corey Taylor rallied and almost closed the gap. The final results of the May 15 battle are:

311 – 4
Corey Taylor – 3

I only cast a vote myself to break a tie, so I didn’t vote this time. But as much as I love Corey and his version (and didn’t mind the cursing in the video at all), my vote would also have gone to 311. I just love the groovy vibe they gave the song. But on another day, I might well have preferred Corey’s edgier live version.

I’ve created a page where you can now see my past battle results. It’s a work in progress and therefore pretty sparse right now, as I can’t locate my battles from previous blogs – but I will get them added if I find them.

Thanks for voting; hope to see you back on the first for another <a href=”!