BotB Winner for 07.15.2020

I had a lot going on this week, and finally had to go to the doctor to take care of some persistent discomfort. But hopefully I’m on the mend now. I dropped the ball on visiting and voting in a few battles and responding to comments on my own. Even my results post is running a few days behind! But here it is, finally.

So…my most recent Battle of the Bands featured covers of The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” from KT Tunstall and Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra featuring Kylie Minogue. Both were quite different from the original AND each other. While I appreciate both versions and think all artists did a great job making the song theirs, I prefer KT Tunstall’s version. It sounds just a bit darker and spookier to me (even though it’s not spooky). However, only two of the seven of you who voted agreed with me. The results of this Battle are as follows:

KT Tunstall – 2
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra featuring Kylie Minogue – 5

Thanks to all who listened and voted! I hope to see you back here on August 1 for another Battle Of The Bands!

You can see winners of all my past battles here.


    • Kim says:

      Thanks! What you say is true. AND someone who wasn’t around for the battle would have voted for the KT version as well, so there’s that.

      I can’t wait to check out your August 1 Battle!

  1. Michael Todd says:

    I was not around for the challenge. I would have chosen KT Tunstall, which would have put me on the losing end, which is where I usually fall, in these tilts.

    This is a really nice pairing. I bet it is hard to find good matches, on a regular basis.

  2. Cherdo says:

    Kim, that was a good battle!

    Personally, I love it when I hear a new version of a great time. You just can’t beat that.

    Take care of yourself, friend!!