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Writer’s Workshop for 11.12.2020 – The Evolution of My Nails

The prompt I chose for this week's Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop was "Share a recent photo or video you added to Instagram and give us the back story."

In recent months, I've been posting pictures of my manicures, my second favorite form of self-care.

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Back to the night shift. Temporarily.

One of my favorite things about working nights and still waking up at a decent (for me) hour is that I can attend to housework, cook brunch, get ready without rushing, and run errands without too much hassle. I can even sit at my computer and relax for a bit!

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Writer’s Workshop for 06.18.2020

...on 06.19.2020, because me and my wishy-washy ways.

I couldn't decide which of the prompts to write about this time around. It was between Something someone said recently that made you think and Write about a show you recently binge watched. And truth is, I've been thinking a lot about what's being said by other people lately. I've also binge watched a lot of tv lately, and at the time I'm typing out this sentence, I'm still trying to decide which show, of all the shows that I've binge watched lately, that I want to write about. If I choose to write about that.

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