Change of Plans

I know I’ve bailed on Writer’s Workshop, Music Monday, and now BotB.

In a nutshell, there’s a lot going on time-wise and I just haven’t been able to make myself get over here to participate in linkups, let alone post about anything else. I know all of us have a lot going on, so my situation isn’t special, but something’s come up that has also tripped me up emotionally, and I think that’s the main reason my time has gotten away from me. I spend a lot of it with my written journal in an attempt to work out my feelings and maybe learn what I need to if there is a lesson to be learned. To be honest, I had a pretty lengthy post typed up for Writer’s Workshop and deleted the entire thing because I just felt it was a little too personal. Hence, the written journal.

I’ll get things worked out eventually; I always do. And in the meantime, I’ll be coming around to vote in the battles and do my best to stay caught up on Writer’s Workshop from here on out.

I do have some music for today, though. Since I’m missing live music and this song’s been on my mind a lot lately, here’s a performance of “Drown” from Son Volt. Looks like it was taken from Austin City Limits.

Featured image courtesy Big_Heart on Pixabay


  1. Liz A. says:

    So sorry that things have been difficult. Sometimes you do need to take a step back and give yourself the emotional space to deal with your own stuff. Blogging stuff will still be here on the other side, if you still want it. Take care.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you! I just get overwhelmed so easily. I really enjoyed my “break” even though I hadn’t intended to stay away for so long. But yes, the blogging stuff will still be around. I hope you have been well!

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I’ve been tempted to just drop the whole blogging activity for a while or maybe for good. I can understand if like you there are too many other things going on. I don’t really have an excuse like that though I’m always finding something to keep me busy. But I’m not sure where I’ll end up with this blogging stuff. Heck, you might become afflicted with a blogging revival and start posting in all those different things you’ve been doing in the past. That’s the nice thing about blogging for fun–you can pretty much do as you please.

    Nice to hear Son Volt again. I’ve got some of their CD’s but haven’t listened to them in I don’t know how long. But I haven’t listened to CD’s much in recent years period.

    Maybe you’re just in a depressive funk like so many have regressed into during these months of 2020.

    I wish you well.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Kim says:

      I think I was in a bit of a depressive funk, Arlee! I hope yours has cleared up as well. Mine always afflict me when I can’t really indulge in much in the form of self-care, and I’m currently not mental/medical care for it. I know staying busy is supposed to help, and it does. But I’m affected in such a way that I’m not really much good at doing anything other than mindlessly watching tv. Work kept me plenty busy, so there was that. But it was just a temporary slip. I wasn’t sad so much as just tired from being overwhelmed.

      It’s now November, and time for me to start (my modified version of) NaBloPoMo. So I’ll definitely be blogging some, just not sure yet how often I want to commit to right now!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks! Everything is alright, then it isn’t again. But that’s life, right? I do my best to roll with the punches – they’re coming, whether I do or not.

  3. Kim,

    No worries! I get where you’re coming from. For me, I find throwing myself into blogging helps to battle emotional upheavals even without spilling the beans of what’s going on. I like you just don’t feel comfortable with getting too purrsonal on social media. Saying prayers that you’re able to sort through the murk and come out victorious on the other side soon. Sending ya hugs and love, my dear!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for your sweet words, Cathy! I am finally back on my laptop and trying to get caught up with everyone. The mostly unintentional break was much-needed and allowed me to focus on getting some key things done and trying to set some healthy habits that might see me through the stress of the holiday season and everything else needing attention! I hope you have been doing well!

  4. Cherdo says:

    Girls gotta do what they gotta do — I’ve been in your spot mentally. I totally get it. And I’m one of those bloggers who will not sweat it if you are busy, absent, or taking a break.

    Blessings to you!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks! I feel bad when I take “breaks” (though a lot of those breaks are because I just get too busy and tired, instead of actual planned breaks) because I have so few readers and I post so little as it is that it’s hard to get, and keep, this ol’ blog up and running. I hope you’ve been doing well!

    • Kim says:

      Unfortunately, this is not a trail I walk (it’s a photo from Pixabay), but I totally would if it’s nearby! Sorry this has been a bad year and a half for you. In some ways, this year has been amazing for me. But in other ways, it’s been weird having to adapt and get used to a strange and scary new world.

  5. mjgolch says:

    I can relate to things being difficult,this month has not been any fun at all!My better half has been in and out of the hospital for a condition call DKA it affects Type 1 Diabetics sometimes a lot.(she had been one for 50 years this year.she has been to the hospital E/R 3 time and been kept in the hospital each time,she is in her second rehab facility,right now.

    • Kim says:

      I am sorry to hear about your better half’s medical woes! That’s always such a hard time for a person and their loved ones. I hope she’s on the mend and feeling better soon!