Five For Friday and #RMF2019 for 10.11.2019

Five for Friday, in which I choose and share five things I’ve enjoyed/are on my mind/I need to do/I’m listening to/watching/etc., is first. My Rocktober Music Fest selection for today, in case that’s what you’re here for, is toward the bottom of the post!

Late last night I got comfy in my bed with every intention of watching Hawaii Five-O till I fell asleep, and I was almost there…so close…when my dog jumped down and went to investigate something in the floor at the upper corner of the bed. This is where I stop and give you a bit of backstory: this time of year, all kinds of critters attempt to run me out of my home. Everything from mice to ladybugs to camel crickets. I live in the country in the middle of two cotton fields next to an empty house with a now overgrown, wooded lot, and critters (and getting rid of them) are just part of living here.

So what had my dog discovered? A baby rat snake. It came in with the recent dip in temperatures, after our most recent influx of mice no doubt. It was curious about Ari, and Ari was curious about it and sniffed it a bit before he decided it wasn’t worth killing and didn’t present danger. I didn’t even bat an eye, because this is about the dozenth time I’ve seen one of these snakes in my house. I usually have my sons remove them to the yard, and if I’m here by myself and can’t round them up, I let them go. As I mentioned, mice can be a problem here, and these rat snakes? They take care of that problem. Sure, I’d rather have them in the crawlspace or completely outside, but they tend to find their own way out.

I was reminded of a few summers ago when I saw my last snake in here. My sons were gone, the snake went out, and I promptly went to the Home Depot to get some Snake Defense spray. I sprayed it all around my house, indoors and out, because it’s all-natural and completely safe for children and pets. And? It smelled sooooo good! Come to find out, many natural snake repellents are made with cinnamon oil and clove oil. I had just made a batch of fall cleaning vinegar, which has an oil blend with cinnamon and clove oils, so last night I grabbed the spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner I’d made from it and sprayed around my bed. I watched the snake for a while, and the snake didn’t cross the area where I’d sprayed. So I thought this weekend, I’d make a stronger homemade version of Snake Defense. Here’s my Five For Friday, and what I plan on putting in it:

  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Clove oil
  • Black Pepper oil
  • Anise Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil

I’m hoping those scents will also repel the mice – and I’ll be spending all weekend spraying it around the exterior of the house, anywhere mice/snakes can get in (and stuffing those places with steel wool), and maybe diffusing the “snake oil”. Rat snakes are one thing, but poisonous snakes can get in just as easily, and I can not have that.

On to the MUSIC! My Rocktober Music Fest selection for today is the latest from a band who finally released some new music after ten long years.

Tool – “Fear Inoculum”

It is long, but fantastic. Chances are you’ve already heard this if you’re a Tool fan, but if you are a Tool fan and haven’t heard it yet? Pretty sure you’ll love it!

What are YOU listening to this week? What about five things? Five fave new songs, tv shows, books, podcasts, hacks/tips? Let me know!

Featured image courtesy Daria-Yokovleva on Pixabay


  1. Mary B says:

    Snakes! YIKES! Don’t care if they are harmless, I’m a big old scaredy cat – especially if one is in my house.

    I hear that Peppermint Oil is good for keeping the mice away. You might want to add that to your mixture.

    I’m not a huge Tool fan, but oddly enough the bf and I were talking about them just this week. (okay, so he did most of the talking… Ha!)

    Thanks so much for joining in the MusicFest!

    • Kim says:

      I remember reading that about peppermint oil, Mary, and I may include it. The rat snakes try very hard to keep to themselves. I had one curled up in the drawer wear I keep my hair accessories – I noticed it when I reached down to grab an elastic band and thought “hm, I don’t remember having a snake-print headband…” When I pulled the drawer out further, I saw that it was an actual snake. It didn’t even try to attack me when I reached into the drawer.

      If you ever see one in your home, it’ll likely find its way out if you don’t bother it. Or animal control is a good option, too!

      It was so much fun joining the fest; thanks for having me!

  2. Abby says:

    I never knew about spray snake repellent! I guess because I’ve never had to – knock on wood. I’m glad yours is working. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Our cat = mouse repellent

    • Kim says:

      It’s a good thing that you’ve never had to rely on it! I wish I hadn’t, but my home is just full of ways for wildlife to get in. I plug them up when I find them, but there’s only so much I can do. I haven’t tried my homemade version yet, but I have no reason to believe it won’t work. The store-bought brand I used last time must have really worked, as it’s been a few years since I’ve seen one in the house.

      I would love to have a cat, but I am allergic to some of them, my son is allergic to them, and my big dog would probably kill it. My dogs are excellent mousers, but are not as patient and wily as a cat would be, and don’t catch nearly as many as a cat would. Maybe I should put my dogs in their kennels and borrow a friend’s cat for a day?

  3. Debbie D. says:

    Nice to meet you, Kim! “Loud music and the open road soothe my soul.” Me too and, I see you’re a fellow dog lover! 😎

    Snakes and mice inside the house would totally freak me out! 😲 Glad to know your homemade repellent works.

    Haven’t heard of Tool before, but I’m loving this track, so it’s off to Youtube for more. Thanks for the introduction! I’ve been listening to Queen (for my RMF post) and Mary’s Rolling Stones playlist. Have a good weekend!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Debbie! It is good to meet you, too! Although, I think we may have actually “met” before when I participated in BotB a few years back. Or maybe not, but your name seems familiar. And yes, I am definitely a dog lover. One Dachshund, one Taco Terrier, and one AmStaff.

      I am glad I got to introduce you to something you liked; maybe you’ll find other songs of theirs that you like as well. That band is trippy-genius. I am doing lots of stuff around the house this weekend, so I will be checking out your playlist and everyone else’s while I do all the things!

      • Debbie D. says:

        In hindsight, I think you’re right! 🙂 We did meet at BOTB before. You had a different photo and website then. “ReInvintaged”, or something like that? Anyway, I love connecting with fellow rockers and dog lovers. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Liz A. says:

    If it smells good, then it has two purposes 🙂

    My roommate had rats (we think) infest her car last week. This has been a mess. And we live in a city (albeit next to a regional park).

    • Kim says:

      OMG, that chills me to the bone worse than the idea of anything in my house. I know it would be a mess of epic proportions, as our cars are how we get to our jobs to pay for everything we own. And they’re expensive to fix, not to mention a rat or mouse running across your foot while driving could be quite dangerous.

      I am not surprised that it could happen in a city as well…..rats frequent big buildings and the park also probably has a lot of places for them to prosper. I hope your roommate gets her car situated quick!