Five for Friday for 10.18.2019

I’ve been really lax about pushing myself to do “Five for Friday” posts here lately because they’ve all been in bullet form and since I don’t always follow a particular theme and it’s not an actual hop (YET?), I don’t always feel all that compelled to post. Then I feel bad that they’re usually just random things, though not always. But then I realized that it’s totally okay to post five random things, or five similar things, and that it’s okay that they’re in bullet form, and it’s totally okay that the posts are usually pretty short and sweet.

And just like that, the block lifted, and I’m no longer over-thinking it.

My Five for Friday: Life from Friday – Monday.

  1. There will possibly probably be radio silence here on the blog till Monday, maybe longer if I don’t get a post finished and scheduled to go up Monday. So basically? The same any other week.
  2. Heading out of town to visit family. I should probably be focusing on my podcasts and a playlist.
  3. Heading up to Memphis to do some more work on my aunt’s house, then hopefully back up to The Lookout at the Pyramid, but this time at sunset/early evening. I still haven’t posted my pics from my birthday trip, but why not go back and take more anyway?
  4. I’ll have lots of tv-watching to do when I get back on Sunday.
  5. It’s inventory at work Monday, so I’m scheduled for a rare closing shift + later hours.

For today’s Rocktober Music Fest selection, here’s one for the road:

The Glorious Sons – “Panic Attack”

What are YOU up to this weekend?

Featured image courtesy Divily on Pixabay


  1. Mary B says:

    This is a new group/song for me. I kinda like it! What will I be doing this weekend? Working on posts, as I have been lazy all month, and need to get some pre-written for November so I’m not stressed at last minute. We’re due for a winter storm over the weekend, but hopefully I will get to spend time with my guy. Oh, and hopefully getting my sleep pattern back on track so I’m not responding to everything a day late.

    • Kim says:

      I need to get back into the habit of crafting posts over the weekends again. But here lately that wouldn’t really help, as I have spent about half my weekends traveling and just have my phone on me.

      Hope you get your sleep pattern back and that you got to spend time with your man!

  2. Liz A. says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend. And you’re right, a quick random list of five things works just fine as a blog post. I spend time on my weekends writing all my posts for the week.

    • Kim says:

      I am trying to get back into the habit of writing on weekends now that I’m not traveling so much. It makes things a lot easier throughout the week, but even if you got to write semi-regularly during the week, getting posts prepared over the weekend ensures that if you hit a dry spell or something, you do have other posts at the ready.