Five for Friday for 10.25.2019

I’ve been longing to travel for SO LONG now, and other than road trips to visit family and heading to Atlanta a few times a year for concerts and to visit friends, I just don’t get to. I am hoping to change all that in the coming year, and these are some nearby cities that I’d love to explore over a long weekend:

  1. New Orleans – I haven’t been in over twenty years, and I would love to revisit. And if the Voodoo lineup is good, it would be fun to do Halloween down there.
  2. Destin/Ft. Walton/Panama City/Pensacola – I’m really, really needing a trip to the beach. It’s been nearly a dozen years; it’s past time.
  3. Nashville – Just up the road, and I go every now and then for day trips. It would be nice to get a hotel, spend a few days, and do more exploring, though.
  4. Boone, NC – I have a friend in the area who insists I would love it, and I know she’s right. Maybe one of these days I can make it up there!
  5. Galveston, TX – I’ve never visited this city before, but have wanted to move there, sight unseen, for years now. I figure I could at least vacation there and see what the place is actually like!
  6. Where will YOU be traveling this year?

    Featured image courtesy BonnieFerrante on Pixabay


    • Kim says:

      That is good to know! I dream of being able to actually move someplace I’ve never lived before, but that’s less likely to happen than traveling every now and then.

    • Kim says:

      I am sorry; that IS unfortunate – unless you just prefer being a homebody! Nothing wrong with that, either. I just haven’t been able to travel much in my life, and haven’t been on a real vacation in a dozen years.