Five for Friday

Last weekend and earlier this week, I took a trip out of town to visit family and take care of some more of my aunt’s estate business. Since I have not yet gotten into the habit of writing posts ahead of time, I had nothing to post here this week. I’m even having to bow out of Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop this week.


I have tomorrow’s post ready!

I’m calling it “Five for Friday.” (I know that’s already in use a lot of other places, but I think it’s okay because a) a bunch of different blogs/websites use it for different reasons, and b) this blog is in its infancy and it will be a long while, if ever, for it to land on the first few pages of a “Five for Friday” Google search). I’ll list five things I’ve really been enjoying as of late. Could be songs, books, movies, podcasts, photos, random stuff…just anything. I hope to continue with it; it has potential to be fun.

So last night was the season 9 premiere of one of my favorite tv shows, American Horror Story, and this season’s theme is “American Horror Story: 1984”.

I can already tell I’m going to love this season! The wheels in my mind are already turning with theories, but that’s a different post for another time. However, the soundtrack, like in several previous seasons, is amazing. Inspired by the soundtrack (as I know so far) of AHS 1984, here are my Top 5 songs from the summer of ’84 – which, as far as years go, was a pretty good one for a newly-teenaged me (I did not hear these songs in the premiere; I was just inspired by the great music in the premiere to remember some of my own favorites from that time):

  1. Motley Crue – “Too Young To Fall In Love”
  2. Nightranger – “Sister Christian”
  3. The Cars – “Magic” (RIP Ric Ocasek)
  4. John Waite – “Missing You”
  5. Scandal – “The Warrior”

What are YOUR Top 5 songs from a favorite summer?

Featured image courtesy GDJ on Pixabay