It’s been that kind of week already, and BotB Winner for 07.01.2020

(If you’re here solely for the Battle of the Bands results, scroll down to the bottom of the post.)

The week literally just started, but feels like it’s been ten days long already.

The 4th nearly wiped us out, as the dogs are not fond of fireworks. Poor babies 🙁

I was so exhausted Sunday that I didn’t finish my Music Monday post. And on Monday I was even more exhausted, so I just decided to opt out for this week. I have no patience at work, so in addition to the physical exhaustion (good), making the grueling effort to make things roll off my back without getting into it with anyone is really wearing me down mentally (bad). I am trying to power through this five-day-in-a-row work week, because at the end of it is a glorious and much-needed weekend off. Except I might have to make an eight hour round trip to Memphis on Saturday, EARLY, to deposit a small refund check of my aunt’s into the estate account, which has been a nightmare from day one. Many attempts at depositing the check with the app’s mobile deposit feature have failed. I believe I have mentioned this before. But I probably didn’t mention that the only area this credit union physically serves is the Memphis area, so that’s where I have to go to make the deposit. I suppose I could mail the check, but after all I’ve been through with them, I’m not sure I can trust them to actually make the deposit. This is clearly one of those times where if I want something done right, I’m just going to have to do it myself.

For some good news, I bought both a replacement fill valve and flapper for the toilet, and adjustable pliers just in case I needed them. But apparently all the poking around and adjusting I did in the tank did the trick. The issue is by no means fully resolved, but going from a six minute flush to a 45 second flush and the tank draining into the toilet causing it to self flush (and run for six minutes) every 30 minutes to only running for 20 seconds every 30 minutes is quite an improvement. I know it will gradually worsen again, but I have the supplies on hand and the knowledge to fix it.

Also, my purse came in! I am so excited to have it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

After a trip to the local farmer’s market this afternoon with my sons, we headed out for Mexican afterwards. La Fuente was delicious!

And it sure was nice to fall face first into this huge margarita on the rocks after a long, hot, tiring day!

I almost forgot to come and tally the votes for my July 1 Battle of the Bands.

The song featured in that battle was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Long As I Can See The Light” with covers by Chris Cornell, Ted Hawkins, and Rival Sons. And if not for a last-minute vote from Sixgun McItchyfinger, it would have been a DOUBLE SHUTOUT. Has that even been done before in BotB? Maybe my new talent is creating shutout battles instead of close battles? Anyway, here’s the final score:

Chris Cornell – 1
Ted Hawkins – 0
Rival Sons – 4

While I LOVE all the different versions, Chris’s was sad to me, and Ted’s was downright bleak. If this had not been my battle and I was voting, I would probably have voted for Rival Sons as well. They just managed to do something completely unique with it, and it sounds a bit more uplifting than the other two stripped-down covers. Still, I figured this would be a much closer battle than it was.

Be sure to come back on the 15th for another Battle of the Bands! To see past Battle winners, click here.

What have YOU been up to so far this week?


  1. Liz A. says:

    I bet you’re not looking forward to an 8 hour round trip, but perhaps you can make it into a sightseeing trip as well. Annoying, but it seems like everything with that estate is annoying in one way or another.

    Cute purse. Nice buy.

    • Kim says:

      You’re right; this entire estate ordeal has been annoying. I would love to turn it into a sightseeing trip, but I’m not sure what is open due to Covid. My Mom says it is rampant in Memphis and DeSoto County, MS. I think I am going to just drive down on my way back and visit my parents. We can social-distance visit for a bit! I could just stay there the night, but this week has been grueling and I really need some time at home to just decompress before heading back into work. I have missed my parents so much!

  2. Cherdo says:

    I missed your battle, but HOLD ON THERE, NELLY! Let’s talk about the purse! Awesome!

    I’m dealing with stuff for my Mom and I can empathize with you. Chin up, the Margaritas should help! 😁

    • Kim says:

      I’m going to be having lots of margaritas before this is all said and done! Probably starting with a few today (Sunday) as I prepare for the work week.

      That battle totally didn’t pan out the way I had expected it would.

      I hope things will run smoothly regarding your Mom. Or as smoothly as they can. Seems nothing is simple and straightforward these days.