Just peeking in with a little update.

I am sorry if my absence and radio silence sparked some concern for me, especially as I was all set to show up here more often and with content other than music memes. But sadly, stress just shuts me completely down. The whole world went to hell in a handbasket pretty quick with the rapid spread of Covid-19. In truth, I was already dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety before that, due to (the long and VERY short of it) one son’s auto accident, runaround in getting an estate account for my aunt’s estate set up (something I was told I should not have to do, but here we are), tons of bills from her estate and no way to access any of her funds without this estate account, AND her house sprung a leak. Thankfully, her caretaker was able to go over and shut it off. The stress from that alone had me pretty much crushed.

As things stand now, there is still a lot to be done with all the issues that were going on from before the pandemic, but I am at peace at the moment. I’ve been very lucky to be able to take advantage of my employer’s generous Coronavirus Vulnerability LOA due to my asthma. I’ll be starting a series on here that I’m calling “Quarantine Chronicles”. It’s already being used by every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the internet, but as far as I know it hasn’t been copyrighted. This is actually day two of my quarantine, so I am already backed up. Par for the course!

I hope you all are doing well! I do plan on blogging a bit more, and coming around to see you all.


    • Kim says:

      Thank you, Arlee! I hope to become more productive, and set healthy habits that will see me able to continue once returning to work. This has forced a reset, and I have been needing one for about three years now. I hope you and your family are also doing well!

    • Kim says:

      I was pretty stressed about the pandemic because of all the rapid change it caused, and even though I am highly adaptable, I don’t go with the flow all that easily. I was scared about getting sick, like everyone else, but mostly just left reeling because of all the different changes. The issues from before are what had me completely shut down. There’s a plan for the pandemic; there’s no telling what happens with the other, and they both require constant attention.

      I hope you are well, Liz!