Let the “Why-ning” Begin

(NaBloPoMo Day 7)

I’m home from work today for a doctor’s appointment in a bit – not for the nasty malady that I still have, but this would be the perfect day to get this nasty, heavy congestion knocked out for good. Therefore, I am still OJ-ing and Mucinex-ing and sleeping as much as I can. It’s a drag, but I don’t mind the extra sleep. I just hate that I’ll be paying for today (in time) with Saturday, which I normally have off.

So I’ve noticed something about my blog lately that has me scratching my head over how to fix it. I chose the Lato font for the global body (sidebar content, posts), and everything looks great in the customizer (self hosted wordpress). Then I hit publish, and the post content font looks different. The sidebar content is fine, but on the posts side of the page, the font is darker and heavier, and I can’t tell bold from the rest of it.

I have looked all over for where I might have accidentally not closed a bold tag, but that would have only affected from that tag down, it wouldn’t affect everything on that side of the page. I finally went back and chose another font that I don’t have that trouble with, so this is rather moot at this point. But it’s not my first choice, and it still bothers me a bit. And Lato doesn’t behave that way on my other site. WHY?? I may have found a solution, but the mastery of it still has me frustrated.

Another (totally unrelated) thing: the other day, I made myself some hot chocolate for my sore, scratchy throat. The water was scalding hot, and I stirred and stirred and stirred the contents of the instant hot chocolate powder packet. And stirred and stirred some more, but I still had clumps. I finally gave up and decided to just drink the liquid and eat the clumps, which is what I did. But when all the liquid and clumps were gone, there was still a good third of the packet in the form of sludge in the bottom of my cup. WHY?? Why doesn’t hot chocolate mix dissolve in hot water anymore? It hasn’t always been this way.

Does anything have YOU “why-ning” lately? Let’s hear about it in the comments!


  1. San says:

    Did you use “right-click > Inspect to figure out where the code for the body text comes from? You’d have to go into the CSS sheet to adjust it.

    • Kim says:

      Yes – I think. I have gone into the theme’s CSS page to check things out, and everything looked like it should. But that’s a LOT of code, and I could have missed something, although this new font isn’t giving me any trouble.