Music Monday and #RMF2019 for 10.06.2019

It’s the first Monday in October, my favorite month of the year. I love September almost as much, since it has the end of summer, the Autumnal Equinox, and my birthday. But October? October is magical. Something happens in October that brings out the happiness in me, and I appreciate this last hurrah before the colder, darker months.

And on that note, there is no theme this week for Monday’s Music Moves Me, but I’ve been really been getting in the mood for all the scary spookiness to come. Here’s a blast from my past. I loved this movie! (Trick or Treat, 1986):

Fastway – “After Midnight”

Also, Mary’s got a great little musical blog festival going on all month at her place, #RocktoberMusicFest2019, so I think I’ll stop by there as well!

What music are YOU listening to this time of year?

Featured image courtesy Free-Photos on Pixabay


  1. Mary B says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard these guys before. They definitely have that 80’s hair band vibe going for them. Thanks for joining in the fun today! Don’t forget to add your link to the comments on my blog so everyone can stop in to say hello 🙂

    • Kim says:

      It is kind of AC/DC-ish, isn’t it? I hadn’t heard it i in years. It’s no surprised that they have the hair band vibe; they were around in the early to mid eighties when the hair bands were just starting to take over.

  2. Kim,

    Well… this is a new to me song and band. I’m sure the reason they didn’t hit my register in the 80s is because they are a bit heavier than what I was into. These days I welcome the chance to hear these old groups that slipped by me. The talent was so incredible in the day compared to what we have now that even the lesser known (to me) bands really rocked on all counts. Thanks for the introduction and for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor for another week, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

    • Kim says:

      I agree about the talent today vs. the talent of even twenty years ago. I know that a lot is simply based on what we enjoy hearing at the time, but then again…these days, literally anyone can make music/put out a record.

      I am glad you enjoyed listening, even though it’s not your usual cuppa tea! I get it though. I also find myself listening to music from my youth and beyond that I didn’t listen to at the time because it just wasn’t what I was into. How great is it to grow and discover “new” music in such a way, though? I welcome the opportunity to hear new-to-me music as well.

  3. October is a great month, isn’t it? I love September, October and November equally. Well, and of course December. 🙂

    Thanks for the introduction – I agree with Alana, the opening chords do seem to be reminiscent of AC/DC, and they definitely have an 80’s “hair band” vibe. Thanks for the dance! 🙂

    • Kim says:

      November is about as far as I can go before I start hating the weather, but at least there’s a lot of joy up until the Winter Solstice, and then Christmas. But after all the festiveness of the holidays has died down, I start longing for warmer weather again. Not oppressive heat, mind you….but after Christmas, I am ready for spring!