Music Monday for 02.03.2020

Look at this; I’m jumping back in with both feet, and on a week with a pre-determined theme at Monday’s Music Moves Me.

The theme for this week comes to us from Robin at Songbird’s Crazy World:

“In honor of Valentine’s Day, we will have love songs. Songs about falling in love, songs about being in love, songs about missing the one you love, even songs about losing love.”

This is where I confess I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I am still a bit traumatized from never really having had a boyfriend, or anyone even like me romantically, until I was a senior in high school. From junior high on, that’s a lot of years to be left out. Our school paper published heart-shaped notes from boyfriends/girlfriends/hopefuls, and even non-romantic notes from your friends. That never happened for me. Girls got flowers delivered to school, and that never happened for me, either. I always felt like an outcast and a freak, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, but I never felt as different as I did on Valentine’s Day.

The closest I came to having a boyfriend (until Senior year when I DID have a boyfriend, but he went to another school so he didn’t realize what an outcast he was dating) was in 7th grade. I went to the movies with my friend, who was meeting her boyfriend there, and he also brought a friend. By default, the friend and I sat together and I somehow developed a pretty strong crush. That was at the beginning of the school year. Over Christmas break, we were both at a classmate’s party, and ended up holding hands and even kissing. That was my first kiss, and I guess you could say he was my first love. That was about as long as it lasted, too. I do have a Valentine’s Day card from him, but I think I got that the following year in response to having given him one the year I had such a mad crush on him. I didn’t think I’d ever get over him! But by the time high school rolled around, we were friends and got along pretty well.

I wonder whatever happened to him? He’s not on Facebook; I’ve looked. But I sure would love to know!

I’m also not really a fan of love songs, for that matter. But I do still manage to have a few in several different genres. I’ve tried to pick some that aren’t obvious, but there is definitely a sappy one in there. I’ll start my list off with it.

Chicago – “Love Me Tomorrow” – Almost all, if not all, of Chicago’s songs in the ’80s were love songs. This one happens to have coincided with my own first love (mentioned above). It wasn’t “our” song (there really wasn’t an “us”), but it was popular during the time I lost sleep over this boy. I still can’t hear it without feeling like that heartbroken young teenager who had zero self-confidence or sense of her own worth.

Ramones – “I Want You Around” What can I say? Joey Ramone was one of my first rock star crushes. I think I was only ten when I first saw this movie and didn’t have a clue what coming out of your clothes and undies meant until I got a few years older, but even then Joey made my heart skip a beat and all I wanted was to be Riff Randall! It’s not a typical love song, but at the time, I thought it was the most romantic thing in the world – even though I also didn’t really know what romantic meant.

Goo Goo Dolls – “Dizzy” Again, not a typical love song – but very romantic to me because the lyrics seem to reflect being in love with someone despite their chaos and quirks.

Type O Negative – “Love You To Death” My favorite band, favorite singer, and one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard.

It looks like I went with romance instead of love. But that’s a part of it, right?

What are some of YOUR favorite love songs, if you have any?

Be sure to head over to Dolly’s to visit all the other participants, and even play along!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Kim,

    DH and I dated in high school. I was in freshman and he was senior. Going study during your school years is distracting. We managed to keep our focus on school but still it got in the way on occasions. I know that had to be lonely for you and you always want what you don’t have but hopefully you can look back on it to see that you probably came out ahead. I don’t think I would do anything different if given the chance to step back in time. Definitely DH and I were we needed to be but it’s certainly a difficult, long road in those early courting years. 🙂 Chicago was our favorite band from our youth. Listening to ‘Love Me Tomorrow’ is like revisiting yesteryear. Thanks for the memories and for boogieing with me, my friend. Rock on!!

    • Kim says:

      Yours is a truly remarkable love story! And you are correct, looking back I am certain I came out ahead. I am not even remotely the same person I was twenty years ago, let alone high school, let alone junior high.

      I am glad you wouldn’t do anything differently if given the chance to go back. I don’t think I would, either. But if I’m being completely honest, I would hope to not ever have to go back! My teenage years were pretty painful, and the only thing I miss about them is being young and having a better body!

  2. John Holton says:

    Peter Cetera and David Foster wrote a lot of great songs for Chicago, largely because the rest of the band was whacked out on drugs and Peter managed to clean up his act. It also explains why he became the frontman for the band and, to a certain extent, why he ended up going solo.

    Great choices here!

    • Kim says:

      That’s interesting, because Chicago never seemed to me like a band that would be interested in drugs. I do love me some Peter Cetera-era Chicago, and a lot of his solo work as well. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Interesting set here. I knew the Chicago song, but the others…the Goo Goo Dolls video was like being trapped (in a good way) in a 1980’s TV show, complete with pigeons flying in slo – mo – it was just perfect for the song. And Peter Steele, what can I say.

    • Kim says:

      I always try to be interesting! I don’t know if I’d ever seen the Goo Goo Dolls video for this song before (but I HAVE seen them live), but this song was off their Dizzy Up The Girl album, which came out in ’98 or ’99. I remember, because I had my wisdom teeth cut out in 1999, and I brought this cd to listen to while going under….and the cd was ending as I came out of anesthesia.