Music Monday for 06.08.2020 & Site Design Refresh for Summer

Hey, y’all!

It’s time for another Music Monday, but first…how do you like my new design? I love the nautical colors, and have been waiting specifically for summer (although it’s not officially summer for another twelve days) to use them. I also loved my old header font, but that’s something I frequently change as well. I love it! I wish I had more ways to utilize all of the colors I chose, but prefer the simplicity of just using pops of color via the links. A far cry from my designs of the mid-aughts, which would probably melt your eyes! But to be fair, everyone had the colorful designs. The more colorful, the better! Anyway, this is my current banner and color palette, which can also be seen at my Site Credit link:

And in case you missed it, the results of my latest Battle of the Bands was published here.

Now, for Music Monday – the theme for this week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me comes to us from this month’s Honorary Conductor, Michelle from Musings & Merriment With Michelle.

Songs beginning with the letter “J”

I adore many songs which begin with the letter J, but here are some top picks.

Pink Floyd – “Julia Dream”

Pearl Jam – “Jeremy”

Rick Springfield – “Jessie’s Girl”
(I tried using the official video (swoon!), but the sound quality was better on this one.)

Be sure to head to Dolly’s to see which songs some other bloggers came up with that start with the letter J. You can even participate yourself; the more the merrier!

What are YOU listening to this week?

Featured image courtesy Free-Photos on Pixabay


  1. John Holton says:

    I like the new livery! Very summery and nautical!

    You picked some good songs here! I matched you on one; you’ll see which tomorrow…

    Off to do my BotB results post…

  2. DrillerAA says:

    The new site design is clean and fresh. I like the layout…a lot. I came very close to including Jessie’s Girl in my playlist this week but the Peal Jam song is new to me and a little disturbing to this old soul. Thanks for sharing your music with us and have a blessed week.

    • Kim says:

      Sorry…..Jeremy is definitely disturbing and heavy. I know you said it’s new to you, but it was actually released in 1991, right when we were starting to hear about more school shootings and call more attention to bullying. I get where you’re coming from!

      Thank you for the kind words about the site update, and you have a blessed week as well!

    • Kim says:

      I am absolutely running a bit behind with summer here in the South. Though it’s been mostly pretty comfortable so far. I’ve noticed it doesn’t get REALLY hot here till June (seems like we used to get summer temps around about late April/early May), so it’s right around the corner!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks! I love it, too – it’s so much fun, and takes me right back to my childhood. It was a nice palate cleanser after the other two – one was strange, and the other was obviously pretty dark.

  3. I like the font of your header and, in my mind, simpler is always better. Your song choices are all interesting. The Pink Floyd psychedelic like dream state many of us found ourselves in during lockdown (no drugs required), the true life tragedy behind “Jeremy” and the lighthearted music of “Jessie’s Girl”.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks so much for your compliments on the site! And I’m glad that you caught the three different vibes I was going for with my song choices. They weren’t exactly planned, nor were they completely random.

  4. Kim,

    Your new layout is sleek and color scheme is cheery. 🙂 The only song featured today is “Jessie’s Girl”. I prefer a crisp, clean blog appearance. Mine could use a little sweep but I’m experimenting with the various fonts and I’m unsure where I’ll go next but I’m trying to not stay away from script print. That’s really hard to read sometimes. Thanks for sharing the floor with the 4M crew this week, my dear. I’ll hop over to check out your latest battle results. I’m dragging my feet in Blogosphere. Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliments to the site design refresh! I remember you saying you were only going to be blogging on Mondays for the month of June and maybe the summer. I am trying my best to keep up, but just get so sidetracked by other obligations.

      You stay safe and healthy as well!