Music Monday for 07.13.2020 and Day Trip to Memphis

This week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me theme: freebie/your choice.

This past Saturday was the first one I’ve had off in about a month, and likely the last one I’ll have off for another month. As I’ve mentioned in several posts prior to this one, I had pressing estate business with a credit union which only serves the Memphis area. The plan was to get up bright and early, drive to Memphis, deposit two refund checks into the estate account via their drive-thru, drive over to Mud Island specifically to snap a pic of the still-pretty-new Memphis sign, drive an hour south to visit my parents for a few hours, then come on back.

Armed with a charged phone full of music (some of which will show up shortly in this post) and a new-to-me-podcast to check out (The Strange South Podcast – Uniquely Southern Stories, which I am thoroughly enjoying! Strange stories of the south told by women who aren’t afraid of profanity, while they partake of other “spirits” in the form of cocktails. In other words? MY PEOPLE!), I left Huntsville around 7am. I’m still not my best in the morning, and totally didn’t notice that discarded empty Coke bottle in my back seat until I’d already taken this selfie.

My random shuffle decided to give me a lot of country for this trip, starting with this one:

The Kentucky Headhunters – “Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine”

I wanted to be sure to get another drink and have a potty break before getting into Memphis, so I stopped at this convenience store in a rural part of Mississippi I’ve never seen before. I didn’t turn my directions off, so every time I made a turn in the store, my phone spoke because it was in my back pocket. And this lovely, handwritten note was posted on the restroom door:

A toilet down which you can’t flush tissue is highly suspect in my opinion, but I’m guessing people have flushed way too much of everything down that toilet, which wasn’t even for a commercial restroom. Regardless, I feel really bad for whoever has to empty the trash. Not because of me, but the unflushed tissue probably isn’t always mostly clean.

The random shuffle did give me more than just country.

Grateful Dead – “Casey Jones”

I arrived at the credit union and stuck the two checks into the tube in the drive thru, only to be told that one couldn’t be deposited because it had expired after 90 days. I had not noticed that before sending it through, but OMG – this is just another aggravation in a long, long list with this estate. I spent most of the next few weeks after receiving the check trying to figure out how to open an estate account, got the ball rolling, and then Covid hit and nothing could be done until now. At least I was able to get one of them deposited, thank goodness.

I left the credit union armed with directions from there to Mud Island when my aux port bluetooth adapter died. My car is weird; it has bluetooth that works with voice calling ONLY. Not any other feature of the phone. I pulled into the next convenience store I saw, and plugged it directly into the usb port, and thus the most frustrating hour of my day began. I closed the music player even though Google Maps interrupts any music playing when you need to make a turn, etc, because I am old now and can apparently see/drive better in the city without background music. Google Maps announced a turn over the car’s speakers. When that particular announcement was finished, the music player came back on. I didn’t care to hear what was playing at that time and I couldn’t turn it off again because I was driving, so I just hit “next” on the steering wheel till I found something calm.

Neil Young – “Albuquerque”

Before the song even finished, Google Maps broke through with another announcement. After that announcement, a different song came on and I kept hitting next, but couldn’t find anything I was happy with. After a few tries, it started cycling through the same songs. Oh, no! I just had to roll with it.

To make a long story shorter, I never did find that damn sign! But certainly not for lack of trying. I clearly followed all the directions, and made many “loops” from 240 back through downtown to see if I’d missed anything. These photos were snapped during that time.

The Hernando de Soto Bridge:

A closer view from the parking lot where I sat for a moment to wipe my tears of frustration and collect myself before heading out for another loop:

Road Construction at Auto Zone Park:

Heading up BB King Boulevard:

Black Lives Matter sign on the First Presbyterian Church:

And the beautiful Sterick Building behind Hotel Napoleon:

As it turns out, I was actually pretty close to where I needed to be. But I didn’t see it and didn’t know exactly where it was, so I wasn’t comfortable parking the car and walking alone to find it. I hated to admit defeat, but I was exhausted, frustrated, on a schedule, and it was time to go see my parents, whom I hadn’t seen in about seven months or more – stupid Covid!

One more for the road (I also dug my aux cord and phone adapter out while I was parked so I could unplug the usb cord):

Doors – “L.A. Woman”

I hope you enjoyed the photos, collectively titled “Grown-Ass Woman Has Meltdown in Memphis”. (I kid. I did get frustrated and shed a few angry tears, but that is in NO WAY a meltdown for me!)

Despite the frustrations, I was happy to be able to briefly visit one of my favorite cities and spend some time with my parents. But next time I’m in Memphis? I am NOT leaving until I take my own photo of that sign, dammit!

I spent the evening drive home listening to The Strange South Podcast, and I am hooked!

What music are YOU listening to this week? What about podcasts?


  1. John Holton says:

    That would have been enough frustration for me to turn off the player and ride with nothing more than Google barking at me. You did get some good tunes out of it, though…

    • Kim @ Storms and Stardust says:

      Oh, I had turned the player off, but for some reason, it turned back on of its own volition after Google finished. It doesn’t do that with either of my aux adapters; this was a usb adapter glitch of some sort.

  2. Kim,

    The pandemic has wrecked our lives. I can’t wait for this to all blow over. Can’t you deposit your checks electronically? That’s what we do. There’s a limit but we got around that when we got insurance check for our car by explaining to our credit union that we didn’t want to be out in all the mess. They did a temporary left and bumped the balance up so that I could do a mobile deposit which made me super happy. I’m glad you found time to get away to enjoy a visit with your folks and in town that you love. Great mewsic to make your trip all the more fun and thanks for sharing it with us on the 4M dance floor, my dear!

    • Kim @ Storms and Stardust says:

      That was so nice of them to do lift the limit! I tried depositing these electronically for a few weeks, but they never did show up. That’s why I just made the drive over. That, and I needed a break from here. An eight-hour round trip in the car actually wasn’t so bad.

      I can’t say that the pandemic wrecked my life because I’ve actually not been too put out by it thus far, but it has certainly made doing things a bit more difficult. I can see where people who are used to being able to get out would feel really trapped, though. It’s been an inconvenience for everyone at the very least.

  3. Liz A. says:

    So, do the people of the expired check have to issue you a new one? Because that seriously sucks. It’s too bad they can’t direct deposit, but then again, you didn’t have the account before, right? At least you got one done.

    I know what you mean about getting frustratedly lost. Glad you got to see your parents. It’s been a long few months.

    • Kim @ Storms and Stardust says:

      Indeed they do! I have already gotten in contact with them and will be sending their expired check to them via certified mail (if someone has to sign for it, they can’t tell me they never got it, etc.) tomorrow. They will issue me a new one. I hope this goes better than dealing with the credit union!

      It has definitely been a long few months.

    • Kim @ Storms and Stardust says:

      Thank you for your kind words! One of these days, I will get a larger photo post of more than just snaps from my car window. I keep thinking one of these days I will spend more than just a day to spend doing all the touristy things I never did when I lived an hour away, LOL!

  4. Arlee Bird says:

    I’ve passed through Memphis many times and stayed there a few of those times. I can’t say it’s a favorite city of mine, but I’ve enjoyed my visits there. In other words, I wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s a nice place to visit and pass through.

    I’d forgotten about the Kentucky Headhunters. I used to have a cassette by them, but it’s been many many years since I’ve listened to it.

    Enjoyed the “tour” and the accompanying story.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Kim says:

      Thank you! I’m so enamored with it because it was the first big city I actually ever got to visit, all my first concert experiences, and some of the best food and shopping ever. It’s not like that now (well, the food is still great, not sure about the rest), but I still love visiting when I can.

  5. I’ve been through Memphis a number of times (on I-40), the last time being in August of 1986. Strangely, I don’t remember that bridge but must have been on it. I’ve never stopped to see Memphis itself, which is an omission I had hoped to take care of this year or next. COVID decided otherwise and, alas, we are far from done. I happily leave the driving to my spouse and am his navigator, so we don’t have to worry about Google Maps and music. I had that Doors album on vinyl when it first came out and it was so nice rocking to LA Woman again. (the other songs – didn’t know the Kentucky Headhunters song; the others I haven’t heard for a while.

    • Kim says:

      I hope you get to make it out to actually see Memphis one of these days! It really is a unique and beautiful city that everyone should experience at some point! I need to find that Doors album on vinyl. My parents had it on 8 track when I was a teeny, tiny kid. But 8 tracks didn’t hold up as well as vinyl, and I’m not sure theirs would still play even if I could find it.

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