Music Monday for 09.30.2019

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Farewell, September! You blew in and out of here so fast my head’s still spinning, and I still haven’t updated with my concert review from August, or my birthday trip to Memphis mid-month. I may never get around to it! But I digress. It is Monday, and Mondays are for sharing music!

The theme over at Dolly’s is “First Grade Songs – songs that were popular the year you were in first grade (or when you were 6 yrs old).” I started first grade at five years old, in 1975. A quick Google search showed me there was indeed a great selection of music available to choose from that year. But since the theme specifies first grade or six years old, I decided to go with songs from 1976, since I both turned six by the time 1976 rolled around, AND that was the second half of my first grade year. These are my favorites of the ones I came across! But only six, and it was kind of hard to narrow it down:

  1. Fleetwood Mac – “Rhiannon”
  2. Electric Light Orchestra – “Strange Magic”
  3. The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb”
  4. Bellamy Brothers – “Let Your Love Flow”
  5. Eagles – “Take It To The Limit”
  6. Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop”

Feel free to listen/check out the videos below…

Fleetwood Mac – “Rhiannon”

Electric Light Orchestra – “Strange Magic”

The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb”

Bellamy Brothers – “Let Your Love Flow”

Eagles – “Take It To The Limit”

Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop”

What music was popular the year YOU were six, or when you were in first grade?

Featured image courtesy ponce_photography on Pixabay


  1. So much happened in my life in 1975 and 1976 (I graduated college in 1974 so those were the early years of being an adult) and these songs were the soundtrack to those adventures, especially Rhiannon. Well, wait, except for Cherry Bomb. I can’t believe I had never heard that one.

    • Kim says:

      Oh, I imagine that was a fantastic time to be a young adult! I came into my appreciation for some of these much later in life, but better late than never, right?

  2. Marie Moody says:

    Wow! Some great songs that year. In 1975 I was taking care of my daughter who was 5 yrs old and she was in first grade I believe… hmmmm or was that six. hmmm Oh well, you have some great tunes here. Thanks for sharing and joining us. Time to boogie now with my granddaughter. You’ve got her hoppin’! hahaha

    • Kim says:

      I didn’t know I was the same age as your daughter! I’m glad your granddaughter liked the tunes, too. She clearly has her Grandma’s great taste in music!

  3. Kim,

    I am not able to alterate your image. This is something I mentioned to the owner.

    You are the same age as my baby sister. She was born in 1970. 🙂 We got married on her birthday, too. lol I recall nearly all of your songs picks from 1976, except for the Ramones and The Runaways selections. DH & I began dating September of that year and the rest is history as they say. 😀

    Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang, my dear. Have a boogietastic week!

      • Kim says:

        He was able to do that by doing what you did (getting the image off his hard drive). Unfortunately, i still can’t. But I have discovered that I can link up and attach a thumbnail on my iPhone, so I plan on doing that for the time being. And saving up for a new(er) computer – I know my blog settings are preventing Linky from getting the image from the web, but I should be able to get it to upload from my computer, and I can’t. I’m afraid this computer is just too old to keep up anymore, even though it’s a great little laptop. 🙁

    • Kim says:

      I had no idea you had a baby sister my age! Does she blog anywhere?

      If you and DH began dating in September of that year, then you started dating during my birthday month!

    • Kim says:

      There was some amazing music back then, for sure! I remember liking the Doors and Fleetwood Mac at an early age, but I really didn’t come to appreciate a lot of music from this era till more recently.

    • Kim says:

      I love them a lot, too. My love for a lot of the music of this era didn’t come about till later in life for me, but I have loved Fleetwood Mac since childhood.

  4. Marie Moody says:

    Wow Girl, talk about makin’ me feel older than dirt… hmmmmm maybe I am!!! hahahaha Anyway great tunes girlfriend. You have certainly ROCKED THE HOUSE! Rockin’ to your tunes for sure!!!! Take it to the limit by the Eagles happens to be a favorite! Thanks… Have a great week!

  5. Natasha says:

    Hello Kim,

    Lovely selection.
    I’ll play along soon too. 🙂

    Have a lyrical week ahead.

    Sunshine and love xo


    • Kim says:

      It did, Natasha. It is held for approval the first time you leave one (well, until I manually approve it.), but after that you should be able to come back and link up with no problems. Thanks for stopping by 🙂