Music Monday for 11.25.2019

(NaBloPoMo Day 16)

With Black Friday coming up in a few days, the theme for this week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me is songs about toys. I’ve been thinking about this song a lot lately, since I have a project coming up sometime in the new year featuring the title of this song…

Hole – “Doll Parts”

As for the project – I came across a lot of doll parts while cleaning out my aunt’s house, and had been wanting to do something with them….so I will be using doll parts as part of my home office lighting. I can’t wait! Though…if it’s like any of my other ongoing projects, it will be a while before I get to work on, let alone finish it. Maybe someday some of my projects will actually see the light of day!

As for my next selection…roller skates were always my favorite toy! How about you? Despite spending my entire youth in skating rinks as well as a few years training with Huntsville’s Dixie Derby Girls, I was no Roller Derby Queen. But oh! how I wanted to be! My time with them was one of the best in my life. This fan-made video (NOT of the Dixie Derby Girls) sure is fun:

Jim Croce – “Roller Derby Queen”

What are YOUR favorite songs about toys?

Featured image is my very own pair of vintage (circa 1979) Riedell Speed Skates with some sweet hot pink wheels. They were nearly 30 years old when I purchased them, and have held up incredibly well. I’m not doing derby anymore, but I still have them!


  1. My favorite toys were paper dolls. I loved them more than Barbie dolls or baby dolls. I recently started collecting vintage paper dolls and actually found some that were the same as my favorite dolls when I was child. I can’t wait to have a granddaughter so we can play with paper dolls together lol.

    • Kim says:

      I played with paper dolls a bit – I liked my Barbies a lot (especially once I gave them punk makeovers!), but never was really into baby dolls, either. I never see vintage paper dolls while out thrifting, but I bet they are gorgeous!

  2. Kim,

    My favorite toy as a kid had to be Barbie. My BF and I would play hours on end with our Barbies. We each had a Barbie and Ken. It seemed she also had one or two of the others that I can’t recall their names but that was a good way to spend our time playing outside in the grass on beautiful blue sky day or hold up in our bedrooms on cold days. 🙂 I do remember watching the Roller Derby as a kid. I don’t know why it appealed to me because I don’t like the roughness. I did like roller skating and always wanted a pair of the boot type but never got them. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me, darlin’. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. My sweet bloggy friends like you will be amongst my blessings on Thursday. 😉

    • Kim says:

      I loved my Barbies, too, Cathy! I never did get to watch Roller Derby as a kid, but when I was a young adult, there was some sort of roller derby type show on USA that I watched. I can’t think of the name of it, but the teams were co-ed, and they wore roller blades and not quad skates. Would you believe I still have my quad boots from 6th grade at my parents’ place? I need to get them. I have several pairs here, and I want to display them.

      Thank you for your sweet words; you are a blessing to me as well!

  3. Marie Moody says:

    Hi Kimmy, so sorry I’m so late, but my computer is acting up AGAIN!!! Santa please bring me a new computer!!!! Well, anyway I saw Roller Derby for women once. It wasn”t for me is all I could remember. My favorite toy believe it or not was first it was a doll that looked like Barbie, but she was shorter. I made clothes for her and furniture and built a dollhouse in one of my drawers. After that it was my blackboard cuz I loved to draw & then about 12 it was my phonograph & records. My brother & I danced in the basement. He just wanted to practice so he could be cool & the parties he went too! haha Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving girlfriend. Hope it’s great for you! hugs

  4. I loved watching roller derby on one of the local New York City TV stations growing up in the 60’s. But I broke my leg roller skating when I was 10 and it was winter by the time I got out of my cast. By spring, I couldn’t bring myself to get back on my skates. I never skated again. That saying about “getting right back on the horse” has a lot of truth to it. Both these songs were new to me; enjoyed Jim Croce’s especially.