Music Monday for 12.09.2019

Today would have been my Daddy's 73rd birthday, and Bob Seger was one of his favorite musicians. So I think it's only fitting that during this month of Christmas music, my Music Monday selection for today is...

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Writer’s Workshop for 12.05.2019

Here it is not even a week post NaBloPoMo and it seems I've already reverted back to my old habit of only posting to two blog linkups per week. My pitiful posting this week is mainly due to the work schedule getting wonky, which put my mind in a state of disarray, not unlike the house - but I digress. I haven't been procrastinating on posting, I just really don't have much to post about at the moment, although I am crafting some posts as we speak that I hope (and need!) to have finished before the end of the year. We'll see how that goes!

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(NaBloPoMo Day 18)

I have such mixed emotions about this holiday. But since I have much to be thankful for, I choose to celebrate it...on my own terms.

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What Was I Thinking?

(NaBloPoMo Day 17)

How are we doing, NaBloPoMo folks, and other bloggers?

I'm now at that point in the game when I wonder what I was thinking when I committed to NaBloPoMo again.

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Five For Friday for 11.22.2019

(NaBloPoMo Day 15) Edit: I've failed at NaBloPoMo. This was sitting in my drafts folder until I realized on Thanksgiving that I didn't have a post for last Friday. I'm still posting it, because I wrote the post on time, I just apparently didn't make sure it was scheduled.

The highlights of my week:

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