Writer’s Workshop for 07.30.2020

My apologies for Thursday's post showing up on Sunday. It's been a pretty hectic past two weeks, which shows no sign of letting up soon.

July is typically not a good month for me, mental health-wise. It never has been. And while some years are better than others and nearly all years have come with wonderful things happening in July, I always seem to be in varying stages of exhaustion and general dysfunction. Thankfully, this has been a mild one thus far, despite being quite challenging.

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BotB Winner for 07.15.2020

I had a lot going on this week, and finally had to go to the doctor to take care of some persistent discomfort. But hopefully I'm on the mend now. I dropped the ball on visiting and voting in a few battles and responding to comments on my own. Even my results post is running a few days behind! But here it is, finally.

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