Quarantine Chronicles, Chapter 1

(Edit: I didn’t put this up after the first day of my quarantine, so it’s going up now.)

April 1, 2020

I am so thankful to be able to take part in my employer’s paid Coronavirus Vulnerable LOA (due to Asthma). I went in to work this morning to make sure that EVERYTHING was done on my end to facilitate this leave, so I wasn’t there very long. I came home exhausted, and slept most of the day away. I knew I was worried and exhausted, but had no idea just how much. This leave started right on time, because we all know how much stress and exhaustion lower the immune system’s ability to fight off illness. I’m afraid it wouldn’t have been long before I managed to catch Covid-19, or at least gotten very sick otherwise.

My Mom and I are holding each other accountable for daily quarantine cleaning projects via text, since we can’t visit. She’s been accomplishing things; I’m still stuck on my day 1 project, which was to clean off my dining room table. (are you even surprised?) I have been doing non-stop laundry and dishes as needed, but that’s it.

I’ve been using social media to praise those, celebrities and otherwise, who have been stepping up to help out during this time of chaos. Here are just a few. There are so, so many more.

I did manage to finish Tiger King. Have you been watching? It’s incredible, and not in a good way. It’s a documentary that is actually more bizarre and over the top than any “mockumentary” I’ve seen, and I still couldn’t describe this show if my life depended on it. This is pretty much it, but there is so, so, so much more…

How have YOU been holding up amid the pandemic? Are you getting any cleaning and/or projects out of the way if you’ve been able to stay home? If you’re still out working, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for all that you do!


  1. Liz A. says:

    I’m finding that projects are taking time, but I can get them done. Just keep chipping away and you’ll get there. Great list of resources for this time. Take care and stay well.

    • Kim says:

      She’s adding to that list every day! I know there’s a lot of bad out there, but it’s kind of blowing my mind how many people are really stepping up.

      As for me, I’ve been doing a little bit every day – at this point, I’m just trying to get my motivation going. Laundry, dishes, trash – the daily stuff is getting done with more regularity than usual, and my bathroom is almost clean. Baby steps!

  2. Cherdo says:

    Take care of yourself and don’t worry about your job. I’m glad that your employer has that program. My crew are all still working but wearing PPE on the job. I’m making video classes to replace my in-person classes and sewing surgical masks in between. We do what we have to do! Be safe.

    • Kim says:

      That’s so great that you are still able to work, and have PPE. My Mom is about to start sewing masks as well. I think I’m going to make some no-sew ones for us, as my sewing machine isn’t set up and will take some coaxing back to life once it is. I’m going to use scarves i never wear, old graphic tees that have been ravaged by time, damaged washing machine agitators, and a mouse infestation from years ago, and single socks. I knew there was a reason I held onto all that scrap cloth!

  3. Kim,

    I am glad you’re okay. It is a stressful time but I find keeping busy doing my normal because lets face it little has changed in my routine other than having DH work from home and that’s not a bad thing. The good news is we’re doing well. I’m doing the A2Z challenge but was not able to get everything ready to go by Apr 1st and now the alphabet is about to catch me. Anywho, if need a stress buster stop by anytime and you’ll find my mid-month BoTB in Cathy’s Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series ‘M’. Come on over, girlie! xx

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for stopping in, Cathy! I am glad the quarantine hasn’t disrupted your routine too much – as a person who craves routine myself, this is pretty important. Thank you for sharing your pinup art! You are so talented, and I thought your girl was gorgeous!

  4. Arlee Bird says:

    Hope all continues to be well with you. Our situation is fine other than the hassles involved with the current situation. The area of Los Angeles County where I live seems to still be pretty busy, maybe less than normal, but more than on a holiday like Christmas or something.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Kim @ Storms and Stardust says:

      I hope y’all continue to stay safe in these new and strange times. It’s a scary new world out there for most of us! Thank you for your kind words. I am due to go back to work on May 4, and I think even though things are going to be different, the schedule at least will seem more like normal.