#RMF2019 for 10.12.2019

This weekend, THE place to be if you love metal and hard rock is definitely the Exit 111 Festival. 2019 is the very first one, and I am heartbroken (not even lying or being dramatic, y’all!) at not being able to attend such an historic event. Maybe next year!

The full lineup is so impressive, but the band I want to see the most out of all of them is Ghost. They’ve been one of my very favorite bands for a few years now, so if you’ve been with me in the blogosphere or on social media, then you’ve already seen me talk about them. If you haven’t been following their career, then you have really been missing out!

My selection for today’s Rocktober Music Fest over at Mary’s is…

Ghost – “Kiss the Go-Goat”

And in other news, Alabama finally got some cooler weather! I love it right now, because while it’s a little too cool for me (I wanted temps in the 60s-lower 70s, it’s in the 50s right now), I do love that it’s overcast. My mood is best with overcast skies if not rainy or outright stormy, so I am soaking up every bit of this moment before it becomes sunny again later today.

I will be doing some full-moon-eve cleaning, making more homemade dog food (review coming on that here in a bit), and starting my oils for the MIY Snake-Away concoction. Side note: I wasn’t able to get the snake from Friday’s post out, but I haven’t seen it anymore. Honestly? Knowing it’s probably still in here doesn’t even bother me. Not even a little bit. I do get unnerved when I see them in here, not gonna lie. But for the most part, we can co-exist unless it gets bolder as it gets bigger. Just take care of my mouse problem and we good!

What are YOUR weekend plans? Did you get to attend the Exit 111 Festival?


  1. John Holton says:

    Are you somewhere north of Montgomery? That’s where I can see it being in the 50’s. Work sent me over the western border of Georgia into the Heart O’ Dixie a few times (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and the Auburn-Alexander City metroplex).

    Good choice of songs!

  2. I think it’s warmer here (upstate New York) than in some parts of the south. Of course, we are under a frost advisory for tonight, but still…that festival lineup…wow. My son saw Killswitch Engage locally before they hit it big. I guess I’ll stay home and play “Square Hammer”, the song that introduced me to Ghost.

    • Kim says:

      It may be – weather is absolutely baffling these days!

      I like Square Hammer a lot, too, but Cirice and Dance Macabre are still my favorites! They also do a pretty incredible cover of Missionary Man.

    • Kim says:

      Oh, wow! There is so much good music from them. I hope you get a chance to find and listen to a few selections from each of their studio releases if you like them.