Summer in a nutshell.

And what a summer it was! Now that it’s officially coming to a close in a few days, I feel like I can finally look back and reflect a bit.

It was quite challenging. I’ve taken some punches, and regrettably didn’t roll so well with all of them. But here I am, still hanging in there, and as a result of this summer, I am now a truly changed woman. And since we live in a TL;DR world these days, I’m laying it out here in bullet form.

  • Worked multiple 10+ day stretches at work.
  • Left purse in parking lot at work – thankfully had purse returned with all contents intact, including a substantial (to me) amount of cash.
  • After the twelfth day of a twelve day stretch, I headed to Mississippi for a much-needed weekend getaway. The Subaru’s transmission blew – AGAIN – right outside Tupelo MS. In other words, halfway between home and my destination. This resulted in a $565 tow bill back to Huntsville to have the transmission repaired under warranty, as I had just gotten the car back a month prior after having had the transmission replaced on my own dime.
  • Both sons also had expensive car repairs to deal with.
  • The last of my immediate Miller relatives, my Dad’s sister Sarah, passed away.
  • It’s been quite a challenge getting her estate settled, but I am close.
  • I now own property in Memphis, TN.
  • Got sick as a dog – two trips to Urgent Care, two missed days of work, and literally weeks to get completely over. But I did find out that I’ve lost 15 pounds since my last visit in February. I’m trying to keep the weight loss going.
  • Had to spend until July in the Beetle with no AC. I sure am glad I kept that car as a backup, though!
  • After I got the Subaru back, I immediately sold it to Carmax and bought a Honda Crosstour I’ve named Pearl. Isn’t she pretty?

  • I financed a car for the first time in almost 24 years, joined a credit union, and began repairing my credit score. Adulting achievement unlocked!
  • I’ve been learning a ton about my family (Dad’s side) since inheriting my aunt’s estate.
  • Two of my dogs fought. I was the only one at home at the time, so I was the one who had to separate them. I did, but not before enough damage to require an emergency vet visit occurred. I’m just so glad the smaller one didn’t die.
  • Actually made it out to a concert with amazing friends before the summer ended.

In bullet form, it doesn’t seem like much happened. But for just about every item on the list, there was expense and/or emotional turmoil to go along with it, and tons of other situations spinning off from them. I’m so thankful for the good things that happened, though, and for getting to spend more time with family. That really puts things in perspective. I am so ready to wind down this fall, and I hope I’ll be able to do that.

What have you been up to this summer?


    • Kim says:

      I know; I love the Crosstour! I’ve read that they had lackluster sales due to it looking “weird”, but weird is my thing, so how it looked never bothered me.

      The property in Memphis is my aunt’s place. I’ll be selling it because I don’t have the time or means to fix it up for me to sell or to rent it out, unfortunately, and can’t move up there to do it.

  1. Kim,

    I hope the Crosstour serves you better than the last vehicle. It’s tough having to deal with a large car payment after many years of not having one. We had to get a new car last November, so we know. We’re the kind of people who hold out until it’s absolutely necessary to buy. Our old car (2003) was paid off I suppose around 2007 so 10+ years isn’t too bad but you bet us with your 24 year track record of not having to take out a huge auto loan. 🙂

    Hey, I understand there is always more depth behind someone’s life than what a summary can ever begin to tell so I know your life has been crazy. Ours has been pretty much nuts for the past three years and just when I think it might get better something happens to prove me wrong. Here’s to better days ahead, my friend!

    • Kim says:

      I’m so sorry, Cathy, that you’re has been nuts, too. I’m like you, every time I think it’s settled down, or I have just settled into a new normal, something else happens.

      I’m sorry y’all were forced to get a new car/have a payment, too. It’s an adjustment for sure. At least mine’s not too bad, but I’m trying to double up, or at least pay more, to get it paid off quicker.

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