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Trying to get back into the groove.

And what better way than with a post for Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop?

Having a completely new blog is so exciting! I did blog all about my summer here, will no doubt pick my music hops back up, and have decided I’ll probably start moving at least some of my older blog entries over here, but for now? It’s still basically empty.

For this week’s edition of Writer’s Workshop, I chose the prompt “Write about something you wish you were better at.”

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with this. Being a Virgo means that, by design, I am a perfectionist and have a strong need to excel at anything I attempt. But I must have an equally powerful, laid-back moon rising because lately I rarely finish anything I start and am happy with basically anything I deem “good enough”. I’ve actually even become comfortable with things and situations that are nowhere near good enough, but due to any number of good reasons or pitiful excuses or outright necessity, I’ve had to become a real pro at, to borrow a phrase from Tim Gunn, making things work in less than ideal conditions.

To answer this, the long and short of it is that I basically wish I could do EVERYTHING I need and want to be able to do, better.

More realistically, though, I truly do wish I was a better homemaker.

I did a lot better when my sons were younger because their need for a reasonably clean home and reasonably nutritious food trumped my laziness and junk-food-eating ways. Most of the time, anyway. But as they’re now young adults who are only here a few hours a week and are totally able to fend for themselves, I just usually pick up what is convenient for me to fix for myself. I literally cringe when I think of amount of money I spend because I’m not a traditional cook, and at the thought of all the processed food I consume, which is not good for my body.

I also wish I was a better housekeeper. Thankfully, I’ve pretty much gotten hold of that. (It seems having a beloved relative pass away and having to clean out their house is quite the motivator to get your own in the best order that you can.) My own place is nowhere near as tidy as I’d like it to be, but I really am doing the best I can while holding down a job and settling an estate and traveling out of state most weekends.

And lastly….I wish I was better at finishing what I started. I have so many unfinished tasks and projects and things to do it’s not even funny. I wish I could blame it on the lack of time, because there is absolutely a lack of time for this sort of thing these days, but honestly? I’ve been unmotivated for years. I look to try to change that, if I can only figure out how.

What do you wish YOU were better at?

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