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Product Review: Luminexi Premium Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Roller Massager With Undereye Press

I've been seeing these little rollers all over the place on the internet, and in two tv shows I watch (Jennifer Aniston used one in an episode of The Morning Show and Brenda Song used one in an episode of Dollface). I was curious. This product claims to help with wrinkles, firmness, undereye puffiness and skin tone, and is made of Rose Quartz. And I finally got one.

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Book Review – Enduring Bond, by Christa Paige

(This post was originally published at The ReInVintaged Life.)

***Christa Paige is a new-to-me author, and I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review of this book.***

Love Vampires? Love Vampire Romance? Then this is the book for you! Enduring Bond is the first in the Allies of the Kan Asma Vampires series, and tells the story of Ashe and Mariyah.

Ashe is a proud alpha male vampire who was imprisoned by the nefarious Lifespan Institute for over thirty years and tortured in the name of science. Mariyah is a brilliant young scientist who took a lucrative job with the Lifespan Institute believing she would be working to eradicate terminal illnesses. Instead, she becomes trapped in her job in a horrific place run by a sadistic scientist who will stop at nothing to discover the secrets of the Kan Asma vampires’ longevity and exploit it.

From Christa Paige’s website:

“Mariyah’s life takes a deadly turn when her blood becomes the key to the Lifespan Institute’s fountain of youth. When she is left to bleed out in the cell of a vampire prisoner, the last thing she expects is to survive. A-Fourteen shows her mercy by not killing her…and Mariyah ends up giving him her heart. If she fails him, he will die, and his blood will be on her hands, staining her soul.

Now she needs to protect herself while trying to rescue the love of her life. When she forms an alliance with the Kan Asma refugees, she plays a dangerous game of double agent. She knows the risks, and she also knows time is running out.

Mariyah will do anything to save A-Fourteen and set him free…even if it means sacrificing herself to give him a chance to live.”

Right away, Ms. Paige pulls you in with her gifts of description, story-telling, and scene-setting. You’ll get the important backstories necessary to the development of these characters and this particular story. (This was very important to me, as I was unfamiliar with the Kan Asma vampires before this book.) You’ll walk the dank halls of the Lifespan Institute’s basement, hear the mournful wails of the tortured vampires, and feel the oppression of the lecherous mad scientist. And you’ll fall for hot, swoon-worthy Ashe, and beautiful, sensitive Mariyah, and root for them from the start.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this novel, and what sets it apart from so many others, is – without getting too spoiler-y, I hope – Mariah is not your typical damsel in distress. While in grave danger herself, it is she who orchestrates Ashe’s rescue.

I have been a fan of Paranormal Romance, especially featuring vampires, for far longer than they’ve been popping up on bestseller lists, and have read a LOT of vampire romance. With the mega-successes of the genre in the mid-aughts to early teens, the market became entirely too over-saturated. Since then it’s been really hard for me to find a well-written vampire romance that I really, truly enjoy. But not only did this novel deliver; I feel like Kan Asma vampires can be my new Black Dagger Brotherhood!

If you’ve missed the vampire romances that were around pre-Twilight/Vampire Diaries/Sookie Stackhouse, then you should definitely check Enduring Bond out.

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars at GoodReads

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