Writer’s Workshop for 06.25.2020

It’s been a tiring few days.

I’m getting used to a much-needed and appreciated extra hour per shift at my job.

I also spent the past three days coming home exhausted to taking care of all three dogs while both sons were out of state visiting family. That might not sound exhausting, but some of you may remember an incident I blogged about last summer (at the now-dormant blog) where our Pit Bull and Taco Terrier got into it. It was awful and messy and expensive and I’m still traumatized by the event, so when I am alone with the dogs, I separate them. The dogs can all be together when my sons are home because the big dog listens to my sons, but me? Not so much. So when I am alone with the dogs, the littles go into a bedroom while the big is out. The big is crated (or in a bedroom) while the littles are out. None of them are happy with this arrangement, especially my very vocal Dachshund. The Pit is mostly quiet when separated, but he has his moments. The Taco is the only one who seems content whether she’s put away or roaming around. Anyway – having to take them outside separately, feed them separately, switch them out and lure them back to captivity, then listening to the Dachshund’s indignant wails of frustration until she exhausts herself – which takes a LONG time, I might add – further exhausts me.

All that just to say that I’m pretty tired and taking the easiest sounding prompt for Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop this week: “Create a list of 8 things you miss about childhood.” I’m including things from early childhood through the tween and teen years.

  1. Playing, skating, and riding bikes at the park next to my Dad’s house
  2. Visiting Papaw Miller every Saturday – we’d watch my favorite Saturday morning cartoons (Scooby Doo was always on!) and Mid-South Wrestling.
  3. Watching Wheel of Fortune and Days of Our Lives with MawMaw and Pop Taylor – for a few years we were ALL about DOOL. This was in the 80s, so they recorded the episodes on a VCR/VHS recorder. After supper, I’d walk across the road to their house to watch Wheel of Fortune, then they’d play the day’s episode. Good times!
  4. Swimming at the lake, and checking trout lines with my Mom and Bonus Dad
  5. Playing with the cousins who lived nearby. Between the four of us, someone always had a kiddie pool we could laze around in. We’d inevitably get bitten and chased out by horseflies, but the cool water was a welcome reprieve and fun while it lasted!
  6. Summer vacations spent in the back yard with my next door neighbor and bestie, and the radio. I’d be slathered with baby oil, lemon juice in my hair (yep, the pale redhead was determined to be a sun-kissed, blonde goddess at one point in time. Spoiler alert: it never happened. Carry on…) – only to walk away with a day-long sunburn which overnighted into a smattering of freckles across my nose and maybe a half shade darker on the skin. And that was for the entire summer; my half shade darker did not build daily until I was sufficiently bronzed. We’d take a break at lunch, eat, cool off under the window AC, and watch Days of Our Lives. Then go back out for another hour or two. Ha. Also: shopping at the mall, then catching a movie about once a week. Sleepovers spent crushing on all the cute Hair Metal boys that worked at the Mall of Memphis, and listening to music albums. We bought albums for the larger artwork, and recorded them onto cassettes for portability. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I *HATED* cassettes. They never lasted long or worked right. I was so glad when CDs came out!
  7. Trips to Libertyland

    If you watched the video, you’re probably thinking “geez, no wonder it shut down.” But at the height of its popularity, Libertyland was a bustling, vibrant little amusement park with the best corn dogs, music, and a few thrill rides. The Zippin’ Pippin was Elvis’s favorite ride, and the park mascot was a Hound Dog. I’d bring these giant paper flowers home and hang them in my room, where they’d stay till they literally fell apart. They’d always be replaced the next year!

  8. And lastly…my all-expenses paid existence. It was nice to just be a child, and not have to worry about jobs and bills and wondering how I was going to make things work.

There’s also plenty I don’t miss about childhood, so I may come back at some point with a compare/contrast post. But this prompt reminded me that my childhood was actually quite good.

What do YOU miss most about childhood?

Be sure to head to Mama Kat’s to see what everyone else is writing about this week, and to submit your own post to the workshop!

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    • Kim says:

      I’m a weird redhead. I’ll usually burn badly about once per summer, but that’s it. After that, I’ll get pink, but that generally disappeared overnight. I only ever got freckles on my nose &maybe a few on my arms, but that’s it. Now that I don’t get out in the sun much, I don’t even have freckles on my face.

      Although I was a reddish-light-brown/strawberry blondish child and had copper colored hair till I was almost 30, I’m actually only a redhead in the sunlight now. I didn’t turn gray when I got older, I turned mousy brown. I color my hair now to try to get back to the copper color I loved so much, but have never been able to closely replicated it.

      I had not meant to make my post about summers, but that’s when most of the activities and things I miss most about my childhood took place. I never was much of one for cold weather.

      Headed over to read your post now!

    • Kim says:

      Marcia, I am turning 50 in a few months! I could have babysat you, and we could have watched Days, LOL! Have you seen that meme floating around on FB about Stefano Dimera? And how he traumatized our grannies? It was pretty funny. And true! I couldn’t count how many times he died throughout the years, either.

  1. Liz A. says:

    Ah, sunburns. I’m just getting over one right now…

    Sounds like some lovely times in your childhood. I remember recording soap operas. (I was an ABC kid, All My Children and One Life to Live.) At some point we started fast forwarding through much of it.

    • Kim says:

      I started out as an ABC kid….I’d watch Love Boat (not a soap opera, I know) at 10am, AMC at 11am, then have lunch and play outside till General Hospital at 2pm, and finish with Edge of Night at 3pm, then go out and play some more. I kept watching AMC and GH until I was at least 13 or so, but picked up Days after lunch, and sometimes watched Another World. I never did watch One Life To Live.

      I never thought I’d see the fall of the almighty soap opera, but it finally happened. I think Days and Y&R are still on, but I don’t know which, if any others are still on.

      I hope your sunburn is better soon!

  2. madamdreamweaver says:

    There was a time when kids cartoons all had some kind of human host. Harlow Hickenlooper hosted 3 Stooges shorts and cartoons on Saturday mornings, on weekdays at 4 pm after school was Popeye and Janie (Janie was the host and she did puppets) and at 12 noon daily Cowboy Bob hosted a round-up of what are now considered “classic” cartoons. (Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, etc.)

    • Kim says:

      It seems like on Sundays in my neck of the woods, there was this show hosted by a local news anchor who was also a magician, called “Magicland”, and he would have different guests and would show some of the cartoons (Yogi Bear, Huckleberry, Heckle & Jekyll, Aesop’s Fables), but I didn’t watch Sunday cartoons for very long. Or at least I don’t remember much about them. Popeye, Spiderman, The Flintstones, and The Jetsons all came on during after-school hours when I was in elementary school, too. The more I think about these years, the more I remember.