Writer’s Workshop for 07.02.2020

I’m having a really hard time drawing inspiration from the writing prompts this week – not because of the prompts themselves, but my mind is cluttered and I”m currently watching YouTube videos of how to replace a toilet tank’s fill valve because the water in the main toilet overflows from the tank to the bowl about every 30 minutes, for about 6-10 minutes. I finally shut the water supply off at the toilet, but still it runs! As you can imagine, this consumption has run our water bill way up, and now I have to get it under control. Not only do I abhor being wasteful, especially of a natural resource such as water, but the utility company actually called me to make sure everything was alright in our home.

I’m still having issues with my deceased aunt’s credit union/Estate account. The people there are very helpful and so nice, but I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING in the account without a lot of back and forth with the customer care call center. There was getting the account set up. Then there was a $3 charge because I neglected to opt out of paper statements. I think I have since updated my settings correctly but it hasn’t been a month/quarter yet, so I can’t be entirely sure it “took.” They sent me a debit card which would not activate. They had to send me a replacement, which thankfully activated with no issues. I was able to set up online banking and download/use the app with no issues, so I really thought I was getting somewhere. Then I tried to use mobile deposit, and it never showed up. So at the suggestion of customer care, I tried again. And yet again over the course of a week. Guess who still doesn’t have deposits pending? I think once I get the last of her refunds into that account and pay her property taxes and utility bill, I am just closing it out. It’s been so much trouble.

And then work….I wasn’t going to buy myself that Venti Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino this afternoon. But I’ve been really stressed out, it’s payday week and I’ve been working really hard, AND I ran over my one of my toes with a shopping cart, which didn’t feel so good. I figured I deserved the drink at that point, and so I got it.

Wanna know what else I got for myself this week? A brand-new Coach purse! Not thrifted. Not gifted. Nope. One of my very own. It’s still processing after two days, so I don’t actually have it – yet – but it’s the Sunset motif Katy Satchel pictured here if anyone wants to see it before I post mine on Insta once it arrives.

That brings me to the prompt I chose for this week’s Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop, “Write a blog post inspired by the word: fate.”

I’m a huge believer in fate for many reasons, and I won’t share many of them because they are big and I don’t want to jinx anything. BUT….fate shows up for me in small, but powerful ways too. For instance, this purse was fated to be mine.

I saw this purse online last week and fell in love with it. I never buy myself anything like this, but I couldn’t walk away from this one. Even though it’s not thrifted, it was on sale, and I did have a promo code, so I didn’t pay full price for it (some things never change). I gave myself some time to think the purchase through over the weekend last weekend. When I decided I loved it enough to spend that much, I went to add it to my online shopping bag only to see that it was SOLD OUT. I briefly considered getting the much smaller and cheaper Gallery Pouch, but never did. The satchel remained sold out for a day or two, then I noticed it was back in stock. I was at work when I saw that, and I told myself if it wasn’t sold out when I got home that evening, I’d buy it. So I did. See? FATE.

Another fated purchase was my set of Ben Seibel Bombay Green vintage dinnerware. I bought a cup in that pattern in a thrift store many years ago, and I never saw anything else that matched it. Then about ten years later, I saw an incomplete (yet big enough) set, again in a thrift store. The price was right, so I was buying it for sure, but I knew it was fated to be mine…

Remember how I said I had one cup? Well, this set contained eight cups and NINE saucers! See? FATE.

Aren’t they just so pretty?

What about YOU? Do YOU believe in fate?

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  1. Liz A. says:

    Once upon a time I actually replaced that valve on a toilet. It wasn’t too hard, really. Constantly running toilets annoy, and that bathroom was attached to my bedroom, so all. night. long. Yeah, I got it fixed real quick.

    • Kim says:

      Oh wow! Yeah, that would need to be fixed real soon. So, I worked on the toilet a little bit last night, and now the issue is about 90% better. I still went to Lowe’s for both a replacement fill valve and flapper, because I’m not sure which is the issue. But it looked like there’s a slight leak at the flapper, so now I have one to replace it with. I’ll be getting that done later.

      After watching a lot of YouTube videos, I think I might actually be able to replace my own toilet when the time comes!

  2. Abby says:

    I’m a believer in fate. So many times, things don’t go as planned, but then work out “perfectly”! Enjoy your new Coach purse!

    • Kim says:

      Absolutely! I am very impatient and have to constantly remind myself to just trust the process, but when things do fall into place? Then I realize exactly why x and y happened the way they did, and I’m so thankful.

    • Kim says:

      LOL, I definitely had one of those days! I actually got a replacement for both…the fill valve/buoyant thing that controls the water coming in, and the flapper, which lifts when the toilet is flushed. I took the tank off the toilet lid last night and watched how this situation was happening, and it looked like it might be a slow leak from the flapper instead of the fill valve not working correctly. I was able to improve things by I’d say 90%, but I still went and got replacements today. I’ll need them at some point, and the toilet may start acting way up again soon. I never can tell.

        • Kim says:

          It’s definitely leaking, but from the tank into the bowl. I went and got the supplies I thought I’d need, but actually fixed 90% of the problem just messing around in the toilet tank. I think the flapper just wasn’t closing correctly for some reason, but me moving things around in there got it to do a lot better. I haven’t noticed any extra running or anything since then. I hope it stays “fixed”, but I still have the new flapper and fill valve on hand. I will definitely call a plumber if the issue persists now that I’ve fixed it.

  3. Astrid says:

    I’m not sure I believe in fate. So often, it reminds me of law of attraction kind stuff that makes me scared of my own thoughts.

    So sorry the toilet seems broken. I hope you’ve managed to fix it by now.

    • Kim says:

      I hear you on the law of attraction thing! I never thought about it from the perspective of possibly being afraid of my own thoughts, but I think more of it karmically – like if I think mean/bad/ugly thoughts (I try not to, but sometimes I’m just not a bigger person), something bad will happen to ME. I’ve tried so hard to train myself to just have an attitude of gratitude and to project the best thoughts that I can. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes maybe not.

  4. A good friend of mine once watched a Youtube video on how to change the valve on her toilet and when it was done she certified herself a plumber.To this day she jokes you can look up ANYTHING on YouTube. Also love that dinnerware set. What’s the chances? NICE!

    • Kim says:

      You really CAN look up anything on YouTube. I am already ready to replace my toilet and vanity, but know that I will need pros in to replace the tub and shower enclosure. For me, it’s just a matter of making myself do it.

      I also need to replace all my electrical outlets because half or more of them don’t work, and I sought out YouTube for guidance there as well. Seems doable, but again…just psyching myself up to do it is the main issue at this point.

  5. Patty says:

    The Coach purse? Awesome! And, good for you in treating yourself to something special!

    The Ben Seibel dinnerware? Absolutely awesome! I have one Seibel Iroquois Harvest Time platter that was a thrift-find…just love it.

    And, Kim the Plumbstress? Amazing!

    As far as fate, I’m a believer. Everything does happen for a reason, some not always favorable but, if there’s a lesson to be learned, I grab hold of such moments.

    Stay safe!

    • Kim says:

      You are so right. Fate doesn’t always deliver in our favor, but sometimes teaches us valuable lessons.

      Harvest Time is so pretty! So perfect for fall tablescapes. And I just love the shape of Iroquois dinnerware.

      Thanks for the sweet comments about the purse! It finally came in, and I am so excited to have it.

      You stay safe as well!

  6. Kat says:

    Well you have great taste despite how stressful life can be. Love the purse AND the dish set! You scored for sure and your patience pays off for you!