Writer’s Workshop for 07.30.2020

My apologies for Thursday’s post showing up on Sunday. It’s been a pretty hectic past two weeks, which shows no sign of letting up soon.

July is typically not a good month for me, mental health-wise. It never has been. And while some years are better than others and nearly all years have come with wonderful things happening in July, I always seem to be in varying stages of exhaustion and general dysfunction. Thankfully, this has been a mild one thus far, despite being quite challenging.

The prompt I chose for this week’s Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop is “Share a photo that best represents your July.”

July has been ALL about self-care for me, so it’ll be hard to summarize in only one photograph.

I got to go for a long, peaceful drive on my way home from visiting my parents, whom I hadn’t seen in seven or so months:

There were lots of margaritas:

I got my hair cut, purchased a pretty new purse, and started getting my nails done again:

I met my “50 by 50” goal, but have no photographic proof of that yet.

I replaced my slowly dying iPad Mini 2 (from six years ago) with an Amazon Fire 7 (much cheaper, and does everything I did on the iPad), and upgraded my Macbook. The Macbook Pro that I have is a total BEAST, and I’ve enjoyed having it for the past three years. BUT…it’s now eleven years old, there is no way to upgrade to a newer iOS, and it’s started giving me a bit of trouble. Not much, but enough that I went ahead and upgraded before it dies on me completely.

Since I got a new (to me) laptop and a new tablet with which to read, I went on a small shopping spree (actually two small shopping sprees):

(Top to bottom; left to right) The first pair of sunglasses are great, except the metal detail on one of the arms pulls my hair out at the temple. (Edit: fixed!) The second pair of sunglasses are GORGEOUS, but they’re heavy and constantly slide down my nose. (Edit: fixed!) I’m not crazy about the silver color of the laptop I just bought and it needed a bit of protection, so I got a decal skin for it. I love the photo used for it! I had to get a case for the Fire tablet. I thought this city-themed one was intriguing, but I am pretty bummed that I couldn’t find one like this cover I have for the iPad Mini. I noticed they did have a Macbook skin just like it, so I may need to look into that further. And since I made two separate orders, I needed to buy something small and cheap with each one to get Amazon’s free shipping. I got the phone case pictured, and I am REALLY excited about the Lion’s head door knocker phone kickstand! I have an actual vintage brass Lion’s head door knocker that I still haven’t attached to my front door. I’m holding out till I paint the door, so it’s probably going to still be a while yet before I get to use that!

And July brought a little bit of my favorite weather. I wish this (weird panoramic) photo did these fiery thunderheads justice:

What has YOUR July been like? Can you summarize it with one photo?


    • Kim says:

      That’s interesting; I never wondered if maybe the heat might have something to do with it for me. Though my favorite summertime activity is sitting at home with the AC on full blast, watching Netflix or reading – after picking up takeout because it’s usually just me and I really have to be in the right mood to cook.

      I suppose this pandemic keeping things weird hasn’t helped.

  1. Liz A. says:

    Some months are just like that. For me, July is birthday month, so I have a bit of fun with it. And I was actually working. It’s nice to keep busy. Oh, and I knit my tablet cases, so I get to make them just the way I want them.

    • Kim says:

      Happy belated birthday! I had forgotten that you knit things like that. I need to head over to your Etsy shop to see what all you have.

      I’ve also been lucky enough to keep working, and you’re right: for some of us, keeping busy is key to keeping our mental health on keel.

  2. Michael Todd says:

    The end of July here, brought about the close of the longest Summer in modern history. Our grand kids just started back to school today. They stayed at our house, during the Summer Days of Discipline (my nickname for the covid pause.)

    I might add, this July was an incredible month for our tomato garden. I sure will miss those.

    I am glad you had a good visit with your folks.

    • Kim says:

      Summer Days of Discipline? I love it! Can totally see where that would also be the longest summer in modern history, though. Perhaps next summer the tomato garden will be every bit as glorious as this season.

    • Kim says:

      I guess I have managed to stay pretty busy. As for self-care, I hope to be able to keep it up. That’s been so nice! There won’t be much more shopping for a while, but I’m good with that. I think.