Writer’s Workshop for 11.07.2019 on 11.08.2019

(NaBloPoMo Day 5)

It’s been a pretty hectic week. Felt bad on Monday, was sick on Tuesday, worked the double shift Wednesday, pretty much passed out after work because I was still sick, and now here I am. I’m bringing my Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop post to the table a day late, partly because I wanted to post about my son’s birthday yesterday, but mostly because I am unprepared and was too tired to pull anything together at the 11th hour Wednesday night.

The prompt I chose this week was “Create a list of activities you’d like to accomplish this fall.”

I’m all about lists, so let’s have at it:

  • Get my aunt’s home sold. This blog is just basically about me getting my aunt’s estate settled now. What am I going to write about once that’s all done?
  • Return to Memphis when the moon is full, and go take more pics at The Lookout at the Pyramid. But first, maybe I ought to share all my photos from my first trip to the Pyramid.
  • Start my kitchen-to-eat-in-kitchen and dining-room-to-office/workroom transformations. But Oh. Em. GEEEEEEE, there’s so much cleaning and purging to do! Cleaning off my desk/work table. Relocating it to the dining room. Relocating the dining table to the kitchen. Cleaning out and relocating the vintage desk, which currently serves as a kitchen island of sorts. Moving other furniture around. And that’s just to get the projects started.
  • Publish an updated thrift list. I like to make lists of the items I want/need from thrift stores, yard sales, etc., since I really don’t like mainstream home shopping too much.
  • Make the rest of my homemade cleaners. Remember when I posted my cleaning vinegar recipe, and how I used a repurposed liquor bottle to store it? Well, I’m making more cleaners, planning on posting more recipes for them, and using more repurposed liquor bottles and other vintage containers to hold them, and have what I think is a pretty neat display idea to put together once I’ve amassed a few different ones. I’m keeping the idea hush-hush for now. It’s not ground-breaking or anything, but I still don’t want to give it away before its time.
  • Keep to my NaBloPoMo goal. I only committed to weekdays, and I’m trying my best.
  • Finishing AT LEAST one book and reviewing it. I love to read, but tend to only read when trying to fall asleep at night. As a result, it takes me a while to get anything read. However, I love book blogging, so I am reading books for review here on the blog and over at GoodReads.
  • A few hikes with the family before the weather gets too cold. Because even though I am in the south and the winters are quite mild, it’s still too cold for me most of the fall/winter.
  • Keep purging the things I no longer need/want! This one is so, so important. I’m bringing family heirlooms home from my aunt’s as well as some projects to put together. I need to get rid of stuff ASAP, so I am getting things ready to donate, and if I’m lucky, re-opening my Etsy Shop and selling off some of my treasures.

But if we’re being completely honest? I’ll be so happy just to get all my various email accounts marked as “all read” and my downloads folder cleared out.

Which activities do YOU hope to accomplish this fall?

Featured image courtesy Olichel on Pixabay


  1. Liz A. says:

    There’s nothing wrong with just keeping up. I like to have lists, too. I’m kind of amazed, sometimes, at how many things off those lists get accomplished when I look at them a couple months later. So long as I don’t put a “it has to get done this week” time limit on it, stuff eventually gets done.

    • Kim says:

      Same here. I like to see things get done quickly, but a lot of times, it’s just not possible. An entire season seems like a decent amount of time to get a lot done, though.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I am always in awe of the writers who take part in NaBloPoMo – even if they fall off track. Just attempting this is a huge feat and I give you all credit. Writing is hard stuff. So kudos to you for taking part and pouring your heart out on paper and screen. If it’s one day or a few days less than 31 – hell, that’s still an accomplishment in my book!
    Any home renos make me super excited and nervous. We did a massive one not too long ago and I swear there is still drywall dust lingering! But in the end it was totally worth it!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m still trying to “find my voice” as they say. I used to be very confident with my writing, but I let my rituals and practice lapse, and now I have a completely different voice, and I’m trying to put that out as well…since I refuse to niche my blog. You are back in the groove yourself; you should join us!

      As for home renos – I have some amazing ideas for mine! Unfortunately, I have to focus on doing what I can myself cosmetically, and then hiring out the necessities (my electrical system needs to be re-done and brought up to code). And finally? PLEASE let a covered front porch happen sometime soonish, and maybe someday even an actual floor plan revision as opposed to just a layout change/rearrangement of furniture.

      Congrats on your home reno! I know they take a lot out of people, but by the time they’re said and done, the hard work was worth it!